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IRKVIrkut Virus
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Irkut virus was the first bat lyssavirus identified in China (3). showed that BBLV differed from all other published lyssavirus sequences with the highest nucleotide identity to KHUV (80%), followed by ARAV (79%), EBLV-2 (79%), Australia bat lyssavirus (77%), EBLV-1 (77%), Irkut virus (76%), Shimoni virus (76%), RABV (73-75%) and Duvenhage virus (75%).
Experimental infection of big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) with Eurasian bat lyssaviruses Aravan, Khujand, and Irkut virus. Arch Virol.
However, 16 samples had detectable neutralizing antibodies against Aravan virus, Khujand virus, Irkut virus, or Australian bat lyssavirus; all were specifically associated with fruit bats P.
Those samples that demonstrated positive or suspicious activity were additionally tested against a broader panel of other lyssaviruses, including Aravan, Khujand, and Irkut virus isolates.
In Eastern Siberia, an isolate (named Irkut virus) was obtained in the town of Irkutsk.
With CDC N-MAbs, the patterns obtained for Irkut virus were similar to those of Duvenhage and European bat lyssavirus, type 1 (EBLV-1), but distinguishable from both of them, whereas WCBV demonstrated unique patterns.