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IWInformation Warfare
IWIrregular Warfare
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The gray zone hybrid conflict is a tailored mix of subversion, terrorism, irregular warfare tactics, economic warfare, information warfare, social engineering, societal disruption, conventional application especially the special operations and finally the criminal behavior.
In short, irregular warfare encompasses a broad range of military (and whole-of-government) activities in which the operational environment is fluid, adversaries are adaptive, and the population is central.
Those interested in participating in the Special Operations & Irregular Warfare Symposium can visit the website at: sof.dsigroup.org
It is an emerging notion of 21st century conflict that combines four elements along the spectrum of warfare, namely conventional warfare, irregular warfare (terrorism and counter-insurgency), asymmetric warfare waged by resistance groups and compound warfare wherein irregular forces supplement a conventional force along with force multipliers like cyber warfare, economic pressures, media and diplomacy.
Irregular warfare has no front lines, it is not winnable in actual sense there never is a 'mission accomplished' moment but only the transition of military operations from military actions to law enforcement and eventual peace and reconciliation.
The first examines irregular warfare from the American Revolution through the Vietnam War; for their length, the overviews of operations in the Philippines (1899-1913) and Vietnam are particularly good.
(1) His article describes early airpower theories and their limitations confronting irregular warfare (IW).
While irregular warfare often seemed to be overlooked by decision makers and strategists in the past, Pfaff argues that from 1950 to 1998 "weaker actors in asymmetric conflicts won the majority-fifty five out of ninety conflicts surveyed" (p.
Their tactical use is explored by individuals in irregular warfare, chiefly in North America, and by massed usage.
His experience of irregular warfare in North America and eastern Europe and his considerable strategic intelligence (together, perhaps, with a lingering belief that British armies could not be defeated on the battlefield) led him to advocate a more harassing, guerilla style of warfare, relying more on small forces and the citizen soldiery of the militia than the more confrontational tactics employed by Washington in sustaining and deploying the Continental Army.
The Tower's article: "However, Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security, described as one of the largest and most dynamic intelligence agencies in the Middle East' by the Pentagon's Irregular Warfare Support Program, has, over the past 20 years, provided financial, material, technological, and other support services to AQI (AQM).
In his current role, he is responsible to the Secretary of the Air Force and the chief of staff for formulating policy supporting air, space, cyber, irregular warfare, counter-proliferation, homeland security, and weather operations.