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Under general anesthesia, after removing the cilia, we performed continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis and lensectomy with an irrigation/aspiration probe.
The introduction of first posterior- chamber intraocular lens (PC-IOL) by Harold Ridley in 1949, implantation of first anterior chamber iridocorneal anglefixed intra ocular lens by Baron in 1952, the introduction of ultrasonic emulsification of lens with the irrigation/aspiration (I/A) technique and the invention of a foldable intraocular lens in the 1980s leading to microincision cataract surgery (MICS), revolutionized cataract surgery and reduced post-surgical complications8.
(2) Zonular weakness and phacodonesis can make the capsulorhexis, phacoemulsification, irrigation/aspiration, and implantation of the IOL challenging.
A chopping technique with low ultrasound energy and low irrigation/aspiration adjustments is recommended.
The last two steps of subconjunctival corticosteroid injection and hydratization of incisions, and the first two steps of corneal incision and paracentesis were easiest to perform, yielding a nearly 100% completion rate, while hydrodissection, irrigation/aspiration and intraocular lens insertion had difficulty rates of 3.3[+ or -]1.2, 2.0[+ or -]0.89 and 3.0[+ or -]1.41, with completion rates of 72.09%, 58.14% and 55.81%, respectively (Fig.
Laureate (ALCON, Switzerland) machine with Irrigation/Aspiration (I/A) cut mode was used to perform surgery with the cutting rate of 250-300cpm (cuts per minute) and maximum suction pressure was 450mmHg.
The leak-free, clog resistant, disposable irrigation/aspiration device.
From that point of view, similar analysis on the effect of irrigation/aspiration without US oscillation should be done in the future study.
The procedure consisted of entering the anterior chamber via a 2.8 mm clear cornea incision made temporally with 20 gauge MVR blades, trypan blue capsule staining under air and lens extraction by the bimanual irrigation/aspiration technique.
For the polishing group eyes, residual LECs in the anterior capsule were aspirated using a bimanual irrigation/aspiration system (Figure 1).
Phacoemulsification was performed in the capsular bag, and cortical lens material was aspirated with a bimanual irrigation/aspiration cannula, the capsular bag was expanded with the OVD, and a foldable IOL was implanted into the capsular bag.