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In this research the effect of toping height and irrigation type in two seasons were investigated.
The statistical design was arranged as a factorial in the framework of a complete randomized block design with two factors irrigation type (CI and RDI) and the fertilizer supply (non fertilizer, [(N[H.
The table 1 shows that the effect of time passing, irrigation type and different irrigation treatments on pH, EC and soil organic matter is significant.
Supply and installation system irrigation type "Hunter" (or similar) with automatic.
Contract awarded for 40m3 supply rock dust for irrigation type operation haze seal, to the way i-760 "crossing i-86 (quinahue) - crossing i-86 (chomedahue)" province colchagua
This new irrigation water delivery system will consist of a new pump station, main and submains that will deliver water to various small incubator farms on the property of varying sizes and irrigation types.