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357.76 million in 2017-18 were launched and these included Electrocure Governance tool for Electricity Data Management (energy), Object Detection and Categorization for Blind using Deep Neural Learning (disabled empowerment), Innovative Learning Solution for Science Education (education), Smart Coronary Stent Endoprosthesis for Real Time Coronary Heart Disease Management (health), Portable Optical Sensor for rapid, non-invasive, and on-site diagnosis of tuberculosis (health), formulating Sustainable Irrigation Management Information System using real time irrigation water demand and supply for rural areas development (agriculture).
With precise, real-time measurement of climatic data and ground water content, the proposed system would accurately estimate actual irrigation water demand in field.
With the currently dire nature of both countries' energy needs and their ever-increasing irrigation water demand both sides need to come up with a peaceable solution with an eye to maintaining the recent overtures at reconciliation.
He said ministry has planned to develop Sustainable irrigation management information system using real time irrigation water demand and supply for rural areas development which will also aimed to uplift the living standard of farmers and to improve crop production and reduce water wastage.
Irrigation water demand was calculated from the method given by Brouwer and Heibloem, 1986 [42].
However, when compared to the average, the irrigation water demand remains lower than that of the comparison period.
Moreover, if the ponds can be deepened around one meter above the average depth, the maximum water storage of ponds will increase to approximately 75.22 million tons, which accounts for nearly half (48.94%) of the irrigation water demand. This deployment obviously improves the regional water reuse rate.
Overflow occurred in the period from August to October when irrigation water demand decreased and monthly runoff was still high.
The rise in temperature also increases crops' evaporation rate which subsequently increases irrigation water demand, Al Mamary explained.
In March 2013, work began on the new master plan, which aims to collect data on irrigation water demand and supply, identify assets, and set guidelines based on the changing needs of the city as it develops, Al Falasi said.
(1998) summarized some of the original evapotranspiration (ET[sub.c]) crop coefficients (referred to as K[sub.c], the ratio of actual crop water use to reference ET[sub.o]) used to determine irrigation water demand in vineyards.