ISAQInventaire des Sites Archéologiques du Québec (French: Inventory of Archaeological Sites in Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
ISAQInternational Star Award for Quality
ISAQIce Skating Association of Queensland Inc. (Australia)
ISAQInterim Statement of Airworthiness Qualification (US Army; see also SAQ)
ISAQInstitution of Surveyors Australia, Queensland Division (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
ISAQInternet Self-Administered Questionnaire
ISAQInteractive Self-Assessment Question
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ISAQ provides 500 flight hours per person to enable them to work for international aviation companies since the flight time requirements for pilots is at least 500 to 1000 flight hours.
Mr Isaq Patel has worked with Cyberoam Technologies as Regional Manager- Sales for more than 4yrs driving the business development.
For example, in 2011 NISS arrested Safia Isaq, a recently graduated student allegedly involved in organizing protests through the Girifna movement on Facebook.
The dominant Isaq clan in Somaliland is one of Somalia's major clans.
There are Ethiopian troops with us," said Isaq Huru Ali.
States will work better if they are structured around cohesive groups--such as the Kurds in Iraq, the Isaq in Somaliland, and the Aymara in Bolivia--that can capitalize on their common institutions and group affinities.
Juniors) Isaq Ali (>75kgs); Ahmad Eisa Mattar ( Governing: Disciplines set to split
Stories of Adam, Noha, Lot, Abraham, Isaq, Jacob, Josef, Moses,Samuel, Goliat, Job , Jona, David, Solomon,.
1931) Journals of the Expeditions of the Honourable Ensign Olof Bergh (1682 and 1683) and Isaq Schrijver (1689).
Whoever is eventually selected president, many leaders fear a repeat performance of the latter years of the Barre regime, when most official posts were given to members of his own Marehan clan, at the expense of the rival Isaq and Mijertyn clans.
Amaun Isaq, 20, was killed by a gunshot wound and his sister-in-law, Faria, gave birth in Kabul that night.