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ISARInternet Standards Assessment Report (Web Marketing Association)
ISARInverse Synthetic-Aperture Radar
ISARInternational Standards of Accounting and Reporting
ISARInternational Symposium on Augmented Reality
ISARInstitut des Sciences Agronomiques du Rwanda
ISARInternational Society for Antiviral Research
ISARInternational Society for Animal Rights
ISARInterferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (INSAR)
ISARIntroduction to Search and Rescue (course; National Association for Search and Rescue)
ISARInformation Storage & Retrieval
ISARInverse Sidelooking Airborne Radar
ISARIntegrated Safety Analysis Report
ISARInformation Systems and Research, Inc. (Fairfax, VA)
ISARIndustry Safety Accident Rating
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In this paper, we proposed a new reconstruction algorithm based on SL0 method to improve ISAR imaging quality.
At Stara Klanica, a north-eastern suburb of the Isar Fortress, on a plateau above the Bregalnica, there are remnants of the foundations of the medieval church of Saint Blasie of the 14th century, known for its medieval records.
The results of our simulations on Boeing747 demonstrate that JEM signals are successfully removed, and clear ISAR images are derived in a relatively short computation time.
27,28] put forward the synthesizing equivalent micro-motion point jamming (SEMPJ) to ISAR based on DRFM.
Most of the ISAR team have secondary employment in skilled trades such as plumbers and electricians, and use these talents in refurbishing the orphanage.
From (5), we can obtain the complex ISAR images of scatterer P for time intervals A, B, C respectively
In the context of this paper, autofocusing is related to post-processing ISAR imaging techniques, which improve ISAR image quality before further target classification or identification procedures are applied.
The company stated that it will close the Isar 1 plant for the duration of a three-month nuclear moratorium to be imposed by the German government.
Thus, the consultative group was instructed to develop a more simplified accounting and reporting model for consideration at the 25th session of ISAR in November.
The decentralization of the research and outreach system (both within ISAR and at the district and sector levels) is not yet producing desired results and needs modification.
Examples of support for US forces include NATO ISAR forces in Afghanistan, and the role British and Polish forces have taken in commanding multinational divisions in Iraq.
ISAR was formed from a merger of two previous audit research symposia: the University of Southern California (USC) Audit Judgment Symposium and the Maastricht Audit Research Symposium.