ISCARInternational Society for Cultural and Activity Research
ISCARInternational Scientific Committee for Alpine Research (Switzerland)
ISCARInformation Storage, Curation, Analysis and Retrieval
ISCARIndependent Sequential Classical Assignment Rules
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Iscar's Do-Grip IQ inserts are double-ended to enable deeper grooving and larger parting operations.
Iscar will be featuring not only the new SUMO line, but also Matrix, Iscar's new venture into inventory management equipment.
To facilitate continued growth and improve efficiencies, Iscar installed six horizontal carousels in the warehouse that occupies only 4,500 square feet and holds three times the inventory.
Iscar began some 50 years ago as a small aluminum framing company in the northern Israeli town of Nahariya.
The new exclusive grades significantly extend insert tool life as a result of a unique innovative substrate scientifically engineered by ISCAR. In addition, the SUMO TEC grades feature the most advanced coating technology using the CVD and PVD processes.
Principal components of the IMC group include Iscar Cutting Tools (Tefen, Israel), which traces back to the 1950s welding and machine shop founded by Stef Wertheimer and whose name alludes to Israeli carbide; Ingersoll Cutting Tools (Rockford, Ill.), purchased in 1999 and including major operations in Germany; and TaeguTec (Daegu, So.
Last spring, when his Berkshire Hathaway firm purchased an 80 percent stake in Iscar for $4 billion, Buffett signaled that an Israeli cutting-tool business is every bit as fashionable an investment as the Geico gecko or The Pampered Chef.
As far as Iscar is concerned, the technical-partnership idea grew from the "Total Tool Management" scheme operated through its French subsidiary, Outiltec S.A.
Check out the BAYO T-REAM, a high-speed system developed by ISCAR Metals ( to specifically address what is typically a bottleneck operation in machining operations.