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ISERTInternational Society for Empirical Research in Theology
ISERTImproving the Stiffness of Existing Railway Track (UK)
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Macon led the attack, driving in four runs, and the fiery Isert plated three.
As observed by the ISERT Report, the attempt at dealing with the issue of FLHE teacher attrition through the introduction of a general studies course on FLHE to NCE curriculum though laudable does not address the issue fully (34).
Though Isert died soon after making requests for direct assistance from Denmark and from the Moravians, he laid a remarkable blueprint for a Christian settlement.
Quantitative data was collected from the Federal Ministry of Education (FMoE) and the State Ministries of Education (SMoE) on all salient aspects of FLHE implementation with the aid of datasheets designed by the ISERT research team.
amp; Bosch 0 Lobariaceae Sticta weigelii Isert 0 Parmeliaceae Hypotrachyna livida (Taylor) Hale 0 Parmotrema tinctorum (Despr.
Neal left "about three weeks ago," Heifer spokesman Joedy Isert told Whispers on Thursday.
In Guinea, Paul Erdman Isert (1756 -- 1789), a Brandenburger employed in the service of Denmark from 1783 to his death, was a rare witness to the operations of the African slave trade.
Stictaceae Sticta beauvoisii Stic-bea F Delise Sticta weigelii Isert Stic-wei F Teloschistaceae Teloschistes exilis Telo-exi Fr (Michx.
9 million for the year that ended in mid-2008, and spokesman Joedy Isert indicated that Heifer wasn't likely to see those numbers again in the near future.
But as the economy recovers, it's something Heifer plans to restore and to expand on, said Joedy Isert, a spokesman for the nonprofit.
Joedy Isert, the global charity's communications chap, said, "We're like most other nonprofits and organizations.