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ISHInternational Society of Hypertension (est. 1966; UK)
ISHIn Situ Hybridization
ISHIrish Sport Horse
ISHImproved Sanitation and Hygiene
ISHInsert Sarcasm Here (Internet slang)
ISHInternational School of the Hague (Netherlands)
ISHIsolated Systolic Hypertension
ISHInformation Superhighway
ISHIn-Situ Hybridisierung (molecular biology)
ISHInternational Superhits (Green Day album)
ISHIntermediate System Hello
ISHInformation Super Highway
ISHIan Schrager Hotels (New York, NY)
ISHInternational Society of Hypnosis
ISHIt Surely Helped
ISHImage Scan Holdings (UK)
ISHIndustry Super Holdings (Australia)
ISHInner Self-Helper (psychology)
ISHInteractive Search Holdings, Inc.
ISHInternal Self Helper
ISHInternational Sanitation and Heating (trade show)
ISHIntegrated Service Hub (Sprint)
ISHIndustrial Safety and Health Program Services
ISHInterim Scout Helicopter
ISHInstitute for the Study of Health (Ohio)
ISHInstituti I Studimeve Hidroteknike (Albanian: Institute of Hydrotechnichal Studies & Design)
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Both Mitchell and Todd have had injury concerns recently, so having Ish travel with us gives further options in the spin department," said Larsen.
Karen Rivers, award-winning author of The Girl in the Well Is Me, has captured the voice of pre-teen Ish perfectly.
This, I suggest, is sufficient evidence that the phrase kol ish presented a dilemma to translators of the biblical text.
These 5 HER2 FISH groups are then each categorized as HER2 ISH positive," HER2 ISH negative," or HER2 ISH equivocal" for patient selection to targeted therapies.
With the completion of the disposals, ISH Shanghai and ISH Cargo will not be indirect subsidiaries of Integrated Logistics.
30pm; Scottttt ish Premier, Dundee v Dundee Utd -Sky Spor ts 1 7.
One of the tasks assigned to the ISH by the Profintern, was convincing trade unionists to prevent warships from setting sail and to prevent them dispatching ammunition and troops.
13 August 2014 - US Advanced Cell Diagnostics Inc (ACD), specialising in in situ nucleic acid detection, and Germany-based Leica Biosystems, a developer of anatomic pathology workflow solutions, have agreed to jointly commercialise ACD's RNAscope LS ISH assays with Leica Biosystems' BOND RX research staining platform, the pair said Wednesday.
Reveal will combine the sensitivity of the RNAscopeassay with the power of ImageDx, their proprietary image analysis software, to provide quantitative ISH data from preclinical cell and tissue samples.
Ish, the leg spinner, was playing in the domestic tournament for Northern Districts Napier till Sunday.
There are two types of bright-field chromogenic HER2 ISH assays: 1) single color ISH for the HER2 gene only ; and 2) dual color ISH for the HER2 gene and CEN17 (chromosome 17 centromere).