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ISKIcelandic Króna (currency code)
ISKInsert Storage Key
ISKInternet Starter Kit
ISKInternational School of Kenya
ISKIso Suomen Kielioppi (book of Finnish grammar)
ISKInter Stellar Kredit (Eve Online currency)
ISKIrritated Seborrheic Keratosis
ISKInstruction Space Key
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Neither the Taliban nor the ISK have reduced their violence.
Today, the market makers exercised their right to purchase OR020934 GB for a total nominal amount of ISK 260m at a yield of 1.79%.
Icelandic bank Arion Bank hf (ICE:ARION) announced on Thursday that it has concluded the sale of two new Tier 2 bonds denominated in ISK.
In order to establish a foothold in Afghanistan, ISK is challenging both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
ISK chairman Abraham Samoei said they were working to ensure there is a new land policy to guide Kenyans on usage.
class="MsoNormalThe entities include the ISK, the Law Society of Kenya, Kenya Private Sector Alliance and the Association of the Professional Societies of East Africa.
Among them, 71 (9.0%) are from 31 different institutions in Turkey, while 37 manuscripts (4.7% of total and 52.1% of Turkish items), including 27 on SV and 10 on ISK, have been published by our clinic.
On 25th January 2015, in an ISIL audio message, spokesperson Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani announced the establishment of ISK. This announcement made it clear and obvious that ISIL would increase its power in Khorasan.
These efforts at centralization are not surprising given that TTP, as a conglomerate of various militant factions, has faced continuous fractionalization and defections since the appointment of Fazlullah in late 2013 (26) and the arrival of ISK in late 2014.
To the best of our knowledge, only 14 paediatric cases of ISK have been reported in the literature.
With separatist militancy, jihadist groups, Indian involvement and a military operations, all generating contrastingly haphazard forces in the province, Balochistan was always going to have a vacuum crying out to be filled, which is what the ISK has sought to do.
The protest was attended by Dr Riaz Ahmed and Sartaj Khan of International School of Karachi (ISK), Political and Human Rights activists Ayub Qureshi, Saeed Baloch, Naghma Sheikh and Wahid Baloch.