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IslahReform Grouping (Yemen)
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The group members, with the exception of Islah and Rashad members, submitted the final report to the NDC Secretariat General.
Islah has come to dominate the organizing committee in Change Square.
a UAE national, was also sentenced to seven years in prison for belonging to Al Islah group.
Abdulmalik Shamsan, a member of the Islah Party's Information Committee and an official spokesperson for the party, spoke to the Yemen Times about what recent events mean for his party and for the country.
The armed militias of the Islah party and dissident Ali Mohsen Saleh al-Ahmar attacked today several governmental buildings in Gamal streets of Taiz, a source in the Interior Ministry said.
Islah was developed by the Alexandria Business Association (ABA) in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) with special funding from the government of Switzerland.
charged with aiding and abetting terrorist Al Islah group to promote terrorist ideology of the group calling for overthrowing the government in the UAE.
Abdullah Ali Al-Marani, a resident of Bait Marran, told the Yemen Times that those arrested included prominent tribal sheikhs with links to the Islah party.
charged with joining the terrorist group Al Islah, an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, told the court the defendant was as young as 10 when he used to attend lectures of Al Islah Group in Dubai.
He said the owner of the house is Yahya Al-Makroob, a prominent tribal figure with ties to Islah.
Le premier responsable du Mouvement Islah a considere, a cet egard, que [beaucoup moins que] l'opposition politique algerienne a fait des pas importants dans le bon sens, grace a une demarche entreprise pour rapprocher ses positions [beaucoup plus grand que].
Abu Dhabi: Kuwaiti Khalid Fahad Al Ajmi, 46, has been cleared of all charges, including collaborating with members of the Al Islah group, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and helping them to set up a television channel.