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IslahReform Grouping (Yemen)
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accused of joining the Al Islah secret organisation, said the prosecution had accused his client of joining the group on March 31, 2014 even though the organisation was reportedly dissolved and annulled in case number 79 of 2012.
An official delegation from Lebanon's Irshad & Islah Islamic Beneficent Association recently visited Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) to sign a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the joint conduct of a natural childbirth project for Palestinian women at the hospitals of Palestine Red Crescent (PRC) in Lebanon, in co-operation with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.
Saleh Hussein Qassim, a political analyst at Taiz University, said Sarhan's appointment is in support of a wider offensive by Islah supporters to drive back the Houthis from the governorate.
Islah Party is known as the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, though its loyalties shifted from allying with the regime of ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh to agreements with the Houthis.
Taiz Local Council denounced the "crime" that took life of the leading member of Islah party Sadeq al-Haidari.
We have formed a committee comprising Islah ud Din, Shahid Ali, Khan, Akhtar ul Islam and Shahbaz Senior to bring back the annoyed former Olympians into the fold of the PHF to assemble all the former Olympians at one platform for launching collective efforts for the revival of the game ", said the PHF official.
Officers said Al Shehhi was receiving funds from the outlawed Al Islah group and delivering the money to the Qatari defendant, despite the fact he knew what he was doing was illegal.
In December 2011, seven Emiratis belonging to Islah were stripped of their citizenship.
The JMP, which groups the main opposition party Islah and the Yemeni Socialist Party, as well as four other smaller opposition parties, said the SCE's members are closely linked to Saleh and his GPC party.
The IAF has sought to justify political participation in terms of its core Islamic values, while the Islah generally has not.
In a way, the fortunes of Al Islah and GPC are linked because both of them draw their strength from the same tribal base - i.
The 1997 election resulted in the GPC winning 189 seats and the Al Islah 52 seats, followed by the much smaller Nasserite Unionist Party with 3 seats, the National Arab Socialist Baath Party with 2 seats and independents with 54 seats.