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'To be a religious person, you have to be conversant with Islamic studies, what we try to do is to focus on Arabic and other areas of technical knowledge which can aid the practice of Islam and help the students in what they want to do.
'The event also included a dialogue with a group of newly converted Muslims, where they discussed the reason for embracing Islam and what difference occurred in their lives before and after it and what advice they would give to non-Muslims in order to guide them,' a MARA official said.
For many centuries in Khorezm, there were too many Prime Ministers and many of them were not even known but because of the good work of Islam Khuja, he still lives in the hearts of people.
Islam is the only religion in the world which ensures maximum rights and protection to women.
In his absence, his 12 year son Salar Islam Raja and his 17 years old daughter Uswa Islam Raja are running his election campaign.
In a video, which goes viral, Mohammad Salar Islam Raja said: 'He went to the NAB Office Lahore along with his father and kept waiting for hours on a road in the sizzling heat for the return of his father'.
The shock of 9/11 terrorism changed world history and many fingers have been pointed towards Saudi Arabia for its perceived role in promoting violent Islam. This is a key reason why MBS wants to prove that true Islam is tolerant and its deviation by groups like Al-Qaeda is contrary to Islamic teachings.
Following the defection of Islam Alloush, Jeish al-Islam has now lost his second top commander after Zaharn Alloush, the group's top commander, was killed in 2015.
After the establishment of the Islamic Republic, enemies of human societies--not just the enemies of Islam--began to confront Islam as something that is a source of growth for human societies."
In the first chapter of this book the author attempts to introduce the concept of Islam along with the idea of democracy.
In the end, we can find the transcendental unity and message of the former religions in Islam and its teachings because Islam basically underlines that all prophets rely on the same divine message and that Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger and prophet of God; Islam also tells its followers not to make any distinction between the prophets and apostles of God (Quran, 2:285).