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IPCIIslamic Propagation Centre International (Canada)
IPCIInternational Pernambuco Conservation Initiative (Brazilian tree conservation)
IPCIInternational Palliative Care Initiative (est. 1999)
IPCIInternational Polished Concrete Institute (Norris, TN)
IPCIIn Perpetuum Cum Infamia (Latin: Life Long Dismission with Shame)
IPCIInitial Product Configuration Identification
IPCIIndirect Practice Cost Index (US DHHS)
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Titled "Ahmed Deedat: The Man and His Mission," the 280-page book was written by university professor and author Goolam Vahed and published by the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI), an organisation founded by Deedat in 1957 and based in South Africa.
Since the 1970s, strong efforts have been made to extend the call of Islam to Africans in the province, as demonstrated in the mobilization efforts of the Islamic Propagation Centre International and the Muslim Youth Movement, and in the dawah projects of transnational Islamic NGOs like the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.
It is into this field of public cultural contestation that Ahmed Deedat and the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI) entered from the 1970s onwards, in what became an interestingly orchestrated conjunction of transnational and localized religious debates (see Westerlund 2003; Sadouni 2007b and Vahed forthcoming).
There were attempts at changing this from the 1970s, and Ahmed Deedat's Islamic Propagation Centre International in particular became active in supporting the spread of Islam in African townships and communities.
There are different lines of approach to dawah work among Africans, and the Islamic Propagation Centre International has led the way in seeking innovative approaches.
As far as print culture among African Muslims is concerned, a lot of materials are coming in from the outside and are the productions of national or international religious NGOs examples include WAMY News, published by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, or the IPCI News, brought out by the Islamic Propagation Centre International. The most impressive arsenal in the field is indubitably that of the IPCI, whose scores of published books, booklets and pamphlets for free distribution or for sale as part of fund raising are backed up by tapes and, increasingly, DVDs and internet publication through the website http://www.ahmed-deedat.co.za/.
The Islamic Propagation Centre International has made its particular impact in terms of producing an Islamic print culture in English--as an alternative to Arabic and Urdu--but has also been significant in promoting translation into and the publication of an Islamic printed literature in Zulu, as exemplified by the Qur'an translation project mentioned above.
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