ISLMIntegrated Services Line Module
ISLMIntegrated Sustainable Land Management (partnership; Namibia)
ISLMIntegrating Sound Level Meter (noise)
ISLMIpsilateral Supraclavicular Lymph-Nodes Metastases (oncology)
ISLMIntegrated Sea Lice Management (UK)
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[Learning disabilities of the ISLM model's graphic-mathematical components of macroeconomics students from the University of Seville] Red U.
ISLM has the broadest set of Islamic finance data, analytics and proprietary news, significantly increasing market transparency.
Bloomberg has launched Islamic Finance Platform (ISLM), a comprehensive solution designed to increase transparency, better connect the community and provide analytical tools to maximise investment performance.
Data vendor Bloomberg has launched the Bloomberg Islamic Finance Platform (ISLM), a new service designed to maximise investment performance for firms involved in Sharia-compliant trading.
The first message was presented in the form of a simple graphical ISLM analysis, and soon after textbook writers incorporated this analysis in their macroeconomics and money and banking textbooks.
"Identification of the Long-Run and Short-Run Structure: An Application to the ISLM model." Journal of Econometrics, 55, 1994, 7-36.
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The New ISLM model is simple enough that one can characterize analytically the parts of the parameter space in which there are unique equilibria and the parts in which there are multiple equilibria.
Actually, it is a version of an Aoki average model (Aoki, 1981) and a dynamic version of a world ISLM model discussed in Branson et al., 1986.