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IBMAInternational Bluegrass Music Association
IBMAInternational Bowling Media Association (est. 1934)
IBMAIndependent Battery Manufacturers Association
IBMAIndependent Baptist Mission for Asians, Inc.
IBMAIsobutyl Methacrylate (copolymer type)
IBMAIntelligent Battle Manager Assistant
IBMAIntegrated Business Management Application (software)
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The best mechanical properties and a high degree of stratification were achieved using a Schiff base epoxy resin/poly(isobutyl methacrylate) composition.
The synthesized epoxy resin was examined in coating compositions incorporating different acrylic resins [poly(isobutyl methacrylate), poly(methyl methacrylate-co-ethyl acrylate), poly(methyl methacrylateco-butyl methacrylate), or poly(methyl methacrylate)].
Poly(isobutyl methacrylate) (PIBMA) ([M.sub.w]: 130,000) and dicarboxy-terminated polystyrene (PS) ([M.sub.w]: 150,000) were supplied by Scientific Polymer Products.
It is likely, that the interaction is seen between isobutyl methacrylate (or methyl methacrylate) units and the ibPOSS end groups in POSS and polymer matrices such as PIBMA and PMMA.