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IKESIsometric Knee Extensor Strength (physical therapy)
IKESIon-Kinetic-Energy Spectroscopy
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Kang, "Reliability and validity of isometric knee extensor strength test with handheld dynamometer depending on its fixation: a pilot study," Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine, vol.
Outcome measures: The outcomes were collected immediately following the training period and included: total and regional lean body mass (LBM), maximal voluntary isometric knee extensor strength at 90[degrees] flexion (KES), objective physical function measures (30-second arm curl, 30-second chair stand, and 50-foot walking) and patient-reported function (The Multidimensional Health Assessment Questionnaire).
(1999) reported that isometric knee extensor strength in girls increased in proportion to the increase in stature and mass in 8-13 y old.