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IPPInternet Presence Provider
IPPInternet Printing Protocol
IPPIntegrated Performance Primitives
IPPIntegrated Product Policy (EU)
IPPIndependent Power Producer
IPPInstituto Politecnico do Porto (Galician: Polytechnic Institute of Porto; Porto, Portugal)
IPPInnovative Partnerships Program (NASA)
IPPIrish Parliamentary Party
IPPIndividual Program Plan
IPPInternet Print Provider
IPPIntel Integrated Performance Primitives
IPPInternet Peering Point
IPPInternet Payment Protocol
IPPInter Pulse Period
IPPInfrastructure Portal Provider
IPPInternet Protocol Processor
IPPInternet Proposed Protocol
IPPIp Policy
IPPIntelligent Packet Processor
IPPInternet Publishing Provider
IPPIntel Premier Provider
IPPIntellectual Property Protection
IPPInformation Privacy Principles
IPPIndividualized Program Plan (various organizations)
IPPImage Pro-Plus
IPPIsopentenyl Pyrophosphate (mycobacterial antigen)
IPPInstitute for Public Policy
IPPInstitute of Payroll Professionals (UK)
IPPIndependent Power Plant
IPPInternational Puzzle Party
IPPImmediate Past President
IPPIndividual Pension Plan
IPPInfertility Prevention Project (US CDC)
IPPIowa Policy Project (est. 2001)
IPPInduratio Penis Plastica (urological disease)
IPPIstituto per la Protezione delle Piante (Italy)
IPPIndustry Partnership Program (various organizations)
IPPÍndice de Precios al Productor
IPPInstitute of Plasma Physics
IPPInternational PhD Program (various universities)
IPPIntellectual Property Portfolio
IPPInstitute of Particle Physics
IPPInterpreter Preparation Program
IPPIntermountain Power Project (Delta, UT, USA)
IPPInformation Protection Program
IPPInternational Phytosanitary Portal
IPPIncome Protection Plan
IPPIndonesian Parrot Project (est. 2004)
IPPInflatable Penile Prosthesis
IPPInstallation Protection Program
IPPIndividual Performance Plan
IPPIndividual Partnership Program
IPPIntegrated Planning Process
IPPIn-Place Protection (Singapore Civil Defence Force)
IPPImpot sur les Personnes Physiques (French)
IPPIntergrafica Print & Pack (various locations)
IPPIndustry Partnership Programme (various organizations)
IPPInfrastructure and Preservation Program (various locations)
IPPIndustrial Preparedness Program
IPPIonospheric Pierce Point (Global Positioning System)
IPPImaging Photopolarimeter
IPPIntegrated Program Plan
IPPIdentifiable Parent Property
IPPInvestment Protection Program
IPPIntegrated Plotting Package (environment)
IPPIntensive Probation Program (juvenile court)
IPPInter-Pulse Period
IPPIndependent Payphone Provider
IPPIndustrial Partners Program
IPPImplementation Planning Program
IPPImpact Point Prediction
IPPInternational Pension Plan
IPPIndividual Power Plant (ecology)
IPPInstitute for Physical Problems
IPPIndustrial Preparedness Planning
IPPInternal Policies and Procedures
IPPInitial Planning Point
IPPI Promise Program (safe driving campaign)
IPPInitially Prepared Plan (water planning)
IPPInternational Power Project (various companies)
IPPIsopentenil Pirofosfato (Spanish)
IPPInter-Media Priority Pollutant
IPPInterference Progression Planner
IPPIntercultural Psychiatric Program
IPPInstitute of Professional Psychologists (Sri Lanka)
IPPInternational Press Publications Inc.
IPPInternationally Protected Person
IPPInfirmité Permanente Partielle (French: Permanent Partial Disability)
IPPIntegrated Project Planning
IPPInternational Police Program
IPPIndigenous Partnerships Program
IPPIdentity Protection Program
IPPIkatan Petani Pancasila (Pancasila Farmers Association)
IPPIntroduction to Parallel Processing
IPPIndustrial Plastics & Paints
IPPImport Performance Page
IPPInstallation-Provided Property (NASA)
IPPInternational Phototelegraph Position (Itu-T)
IPPInternal Penile Pump (erectile dysfunction)
IPPInitial Production Parts
IPPImplementation Program Planning
IPPIslamic Party of the Philippines
IPPInstitute Panos Paris
IPPImpact Prediction Point
IPPInplane Distortion (semiconductors)
IPPImmediate Priority Pollutant
IPPInternational Property Policy
IPPIntroduction to Progress Programming
IPPInvestment and Implementation Plan (finance)
IPPIndividual Progression Planning
IPPInformation Processing Protocol
IPPIngreja Presbitariana de Planalto
IPPInitial Perceivability Probability (radar tracking)
IPPInteractive Personnel Payroll
IPPInternal Papillomatosis of Parrots
IPPImage and Press Processors
IPPInternet Petition for Prayer
IPPInterface Package Process
IPPInternet Publishing Project
IPPIndividual Placement Project
IPPInternet Payment Protocol (standard for Internet payments; Nethow Interactive)
IPPInternational Private Pension
IPPIntermediate Punishment Plan (corrections)
IPPInformation for Patients and Public (National Health Service; UK)
IPPIn-Plant Profile
IPPIrving Pulp and Paper Limited (Saint John, NB, Canada)
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Acetyl-CoA serves as substrate in the MVA pathway to synthesize the critical precursor MVA, which is subsequently converted into dimethylallyl pyrophosphate (DMAPP) and isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP).
Although they are produced from the condensation of the same precursors in all organisms (isopentenyl pyrophosphate and dimethylallyl diphosphate), the evolutionary origin of their biosynthesis remains controversial.
During the blood stages, parasites lacking an apicoplast can grow in the presence of isopentenyl pyrophosphate, demonstrating that isoprenoids are the only metabolites produced in the apicoplast which are needed outside of the organelle.
(2004), the deficiency of P in the vegetable tissue of a plant may reduce the phosphorylation of mevalonic acid, which means the initial step for the synthesis of isopentenyl pyrophosphate, through the classical route of mevalonate synthesised from acetyl coenzyme A, the main precursor of monoterpenes, such as citral and limonene (Bruneton, 1991; Lange et al., 1998).
The scientists identified isopentenyl pyrophosphate, or IPP, as absolutely essential to the malaria parasite's viability during the stage when it invades blood cells.
An obvious target for genetic engineering is the rubber transferase enzyme, the biological catalyst that polymerizes natural rubber from isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP), an allylic pyrophosphate (usually farnesyl pyrophosphate, FPP, in vivo) being required to initiate the reaction.
Using the bacteria's natural supply of isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP) as five-carbon building blocks, the scientists inserted bacterial genes encoding enzymes that facilitate the synthesis of phytoene (C40), which is the universal carotenoid precursor.
One natural compound that gamma-delta T cells recognize is isopentenyl pyrophosphate, a small organic molecule with a few phosphate groups attached, the researchers report.
However, these results were acquired using [gamma][delta] T cells stimulated by the isoprenoid metabolite isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP) in vitro, and whether [gamma][delta] T cells function like APCs under different disease circumstances, particularly tumors remained largely unknown.
Natural rubber is synthesized in vivo via enzymatic polymerization of isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP).
In normal human peripheral blood, [gamma][delta] T cells, 70-90% of which are [V[gamma]9.sup.+][V[delta]2.sup.+] T cells, account for about 1-5% of total T cells, and they can be activated by small nonpeptide phosphoantigens (e.g., isopentenyl pyrophosphate, IPP) in a TCR-dependent and non-MHC-limited manner [2, 3].
In normal human peripheral blood, [gamma][delta] T cells, 70-90% of which are V[gamma]9VS2 T cells, account for about 1-5% of total T cells, activated by small nonpeptide phosphoantigens (e.g., isopentenyl pyrophosphate (IPP)) in a TCR-dependent and MHC-not-limited manner [1].