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IPRIntellectual Property Rights
IPRInprocess/Inprogress Review
IPRIndustrial Property Rights
IPRInward Processing Relief (From Import Duty)
IPRInstitute for Policy Research (Northwestern University and University of Cincinnati)
IPRInstitute of Public Relations
IPRInstitute of Production and Recording (Minneapolis Minnesota)
IPRInspecteur Pédagogique Régional (French: Regional Education Inspector)
IPRImpulse Response
IPRInstitute of Pacific Relations
IPRIntellectual Property Rights Working Group (IETF)
IPRIn Progress Review
IPRInterproximal Reduction (orthodontic procedure)
IPRInflow Performance Relationship (oil industry)
IPRInterdepartmental Purchase Request
IPRInstitute for Prevention Research
IPRInjection Pressure Regulator
IPRInterim Progress Review
IPRInterim Program Review
IPRInstallation Planning Representative (IBM)
IPRInternal Program Review
IPRInternational Planning and Research Corp.
IPRIntelligence Production Requirement
IPRIntended Place of Residence
IPRInstallation Personnel Readiness (US Air Force)
IPRIsolated Personnel Report
IPRInitial Program Review
IPRIndividual Pay Record
IPRIn-Process Report
IPRInterdepartmental Procurement Request
IPRInstitute for Potato Research (Poland)
IPRInches Per Rotation (milling machines)
IPRInformation and Problem Reports (CCS #7)
IPRInfinitely Precise Rounding
IPRItem Performance Report
IPRInside Plant Repeater (Hekimian)
IPRIntegrated Pollution Regulation
IPRIntegrated Process Review
IPRIntermediate Priority Range
IPRInternal Problem Report
IPRInternational Paranormal Research
IPRIsolated Pressure Rise (air conditioner testing)
iPrIsopropyl (chemistry)
IPRInstitutional Planning and Research (various locations)
IPRIndividual Producer Responsibility (various organizations)
IPRInter Partes Review (patents)
IPRIndirect Potable Reuse
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Detection of isopropyl alcohol in a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis.
Of more practical importance on the other hand, is the effect that skin preparation with isopropyl alcohol has on test strip accuracy.
Now measure two teaspoons of isopropyl alcohol and put it into the cup labeled "Isopropyl Alcohol.
All the jury needs to acquit is reasonable doubt, and that can be easily placed before a jury of laypeople by an attorney who can show that isopropyl alcohol cross-reacts in any way, regardless of the practical application of the evidence.
Examiners should moisten two swabs with two drops of isopropyl alcohol, then wipe the penis from the base to the tip.
All containers containing either isopropyl alcohol or an alcohol-based coating must be kept covered when not in use; kept properly grounded; and kept away from heat, sparks and open flames.
Unoprostone isopropyl is a member of Sucampo's family of prostones and is a synthetic docosanoid.
While isopropyl alcohol is effective for removing dirt and slowing the rate of accumulation, sealant does an even better job of preventing buildup.
Isopropyl alcohol (Technical, A-Grade) cleans well and does not harm equipment.
A Typically, water-based inks contain 5%-10% isopropyl alcohol or other short chain alcohols to reduce ink surface tension and improve wetting over low-energy substrates.
THE EUROPEAN Commission's food and drink consumer alert service has warned of a spate of contaminations in Italy of various non-alcoholic drinks from packaging print with the potentially toxic isopropyl thioxanthone.
The coating is comprised of a blend of an effective amount of an aqueous polyurethane dispersion resin having an average molecular weight of between 50,000 to 5,000,000 containing at least 40% by weight solids contents; solvent selected from the group consisting of water, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and butyl alcohol, in an amount ranging from about five to 30% by weight of the total weight percent of the composition; a release agent in an amount between 0.