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Here we will be discussing the two most popular and industrially successfully utilized technologies - the Diffusion and Centrifuge Isotope Separation Processes.
He contributed research in the fields of phosphorescence, radar, isotope separation, and X-ray diffraction, but was most widely known for his work at King's College, London, on the structure of DNA.
A report released in advance of the meeting said of South Korea, ''The agency will study further the assistance provided by foreign sources to the ROK (Republic of Korea) in the development of AVLIS (atomic vapor laser isotope separation laser enrichment) technology, and will continue its investigation with a view to assessing the information provided by the ROK.
A year's worth of inspections have revealed significant undeclared Iranian efforts in uranium enrichment (including centrifuge, atomic vapor laser isotope separation and molecular laser isotope separation techniques), significant foreign suppliers of technology (including Pakistan), separation of plutonium, and undeclared imported material.
National Academy of Engineering, in Redondo Beach, Calif Romesser was chosen for his pioneering contributions to high-power laser technology and isotope separation.
The research focused on compiling all published material on the electromagnetic isotope separation process and the Calutron, a valuable source of isotopes that the Iraqis used for uranium-235 separation.
Within just a few months, Groves brought together some of the best engineering officers in the Army, initiated vast land acquisitions for several large industrial operations for the purpose of isotope separation, established the basic technical compartmentalization policies that shaped the entire project, and brought into the program a number of prominent industrial corporations to build and run the plants.
Satellite image of an alleged isotope separation facility in Iraq.
official quoted by the Monitor notes that Russia is helping Iranian scientists master "the nuclear-fuel cycle, and some critical technologies like sophisticated metal alloys and laser isotope separation techniques .
Certainly the biggest surprise of the post-Gulf war IAEA inspections was the discovery that Iraq had a substantial electromagnetic isotope separation (EMIS) programme.
Gradually, its scope expanded to embrace molecular spectroscopy, photochemistry, isotope separation, and metrology applications.
They coupled a powerful copper-vapor laser, originally developed for use in atomic-vapor-laser isotope separation, to a dye laser emitting light at the sodium wavelength of 589 nanometers.