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The herbicides used were (g [ha.sup.-1]): ametryn + trifloxysulfuron-sodium (1280 + 32.4); imazapic (150); halosulfuron (150); isoxaflutole (90); ametryn (5,000); ametryn + clomazone (1,500 + 1000) and amicarbazone (1,500), being applied in post-emergence at 10 days after transplanting (DAT).
Avaliacao de isoxaflutole aplicado isoladamente ou em mistura de tanque no nivelamento do solo para controle pre-emergente de infestantes em cana-planta.
(Actara, Benomil, Carbofuran, Diuron 800, Etilenox, Fluazifop butil, Glifosato, Hexazinone + Diuron, Imazaphyr, Isoxaflutole, Lambid-cialo trin, MSMA, Paraquat, Plateau 70 DG, Plenum, Sencor 480, Sulfentrazone and 2,4-D-amina) in concentrations of 800 ppm of the active ingredient.
San Francisco, CA, January 07, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Growth of the herbicides industry is expected remain a major factor driving the global isoxaflutole demand over the forecast period.
TABLA I TRATAMIENTOS EVALUADOS EN EL CONTROL DE LA MALEZA EN TOMATE DE CASCARA DE RIEGO, EN IRAPUATO, GTO., PRIMAVERA-VERANO 2008 Tratamiento Nombre comun Formulacion Dosis (g.i.a./ha) 1 Pendimetalina 33 CE 1650 2 Flufenacet 60 WG 900 3 Bensulide 480 E 5760 4 Linuron 50 PH 1000 5 Rimsulfuron 25 GD 50 6 Trifluralina 600 CE 1500 7 Isoxaflutole 75 WG 52,5 8 Metribuzina 480 SC 240 9 Prometrina 480 LS 480 10 Testigo deshierbado todo el ciclo 11 Testigo enmalezado todo el ciclo g.i.a.: gramos de ingrediente activo.
USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has granted non-regulated status to a new line of soybeans engineered by Bayer CropScience for resistance to the herbicides glyphosate and isoxaflutole, clearing the way for sale and use of the crop in the United States.
The other two positive samples were of surface water (creeks) which contained metabolites of isoxaflutole decomposition products.