ISPOInternational Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics
ISPOInformation Society Project Office
ISPOInformation Society Promotion Office
ISPOInternationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel Und Sportmode (German: International sporting goods trade fair)
ISPOInternational Simultaneous Policy Organization
ISPOInternational Society for Preventive Oncology
ISPOIrrevocable Standing Payment Order
ISPOInternational SKA (Square Kilometre Array) Project Office
ISPOInternal Security and Public Order (Bukit Aman, Malaysia)
ISPOInstitute for Social and Political Opinion Research
ISPOInternational Safeguards Project Office (Upton, NY)
ISPOInternet Service Provider Outsourcing
ISPOInternational Standard for Pilot Organisations (Dutch Maritime Pilot Organisation)
ISPOInstallation Security Plans Office
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Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe Munchen, says: "ISPO Munich showed there is a deep, untapped pool of potential for the brands and retailers of the sporting goods industry.
Underlining the importance of good customer relations with both businesses and end users, 3M announced at ISPO that, looking forward, they were going to continue to focus on ethical, environmentally friendly materials, and sustainable solutions.
[ClickPress, Mon Jan 28 2019] Smacircle LMT Ltd (, the environmentally friendly and innovative company that offers better solutions in "LAST MILE" transportation for urban commuters, is set to exhibit at ISPO Munich, from Feb.
Coding for Alzheimer and other degenerative diseases of nervous system was kept separated by other forms of dementia (F01-F03) (as reported in the updated RMR elaborated by the ISPO available at the time of analysis); mortality rates for all these neurological degenerative diseases were evaluated.
With reference to the concept of sustainable agriculture and the principles and criteria of ISPO, it can be determined five dimensions of palm oil plantation sustainability in this study covering dimensions: ecology, technology, social, institutional, and economic dimension.
'Therefore, all kinds of leaves, and particularly ex-Pakistan leave, during summer vacations, be restricted which can ispo facto hinder the smooth conduction of the general elections 2018 due to a lack of staff'
Pakistani exporters of sports goods, particularly from Sialkot, also made their mark at the Munich ISPO 2015 held last year in January.
Direct Alpine linked up with OREC at the ISPO trade show in Munich last year.
At ISPO Munich 2018, Freudenberg will be presenting the eco version of the comfortemp fiberball padding, the world's first padding made from fiber balls.
The car manufacturer announced the device at ISPO - an outdoor and sports trade show in Munich.
Radcliffe, "Biomechanics of knee stability control with four-bar prosthetic knees," in ISPO Australia Annual Meeting, pp.
The Swiss company will be launching its Agility-Shirt for $200 at ISPO Munich expo in January 2018.