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ISPRAIowa School Public Relations Association (Cedar Rapids)
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For example, based on Israel's experience in dealing with Palestinian protests and uprisings against Israel's administration of the West Bank, Ispra designed tear gas canisters made of softer plastic to reduce the risk of injury if the projectiles hit demonstrators.
BACK HOME: Huddersfield chartered physiotherapist Georgie Oldfield (right) has just returned from providing a course for employees of the European Commission at Ispra, near Lake Maggiore, Italy (above)
Ispra hosts a JRC nuclear decommissioning and waste management programme, which is charged with developing waste management and treatment facilities, as well as the removal of nuclear materials and other hazardous substances.
Phil Smith, senior project manager at nuclear engineering specialist RWE NUKEM, said: "JRC Ispra has initiated a programme to reduce costs and minimise radioactive waste quantities, a major component of which is the decontamination of materials to clearance levels suitable for unconditional release in line with EU directives."
A team of seven people from Wheelabrator Group worked in conjunction with engineers from Warrington-based RWE and JRC Ispra to tailor the machine to fit the low headroom at its new home and enhance safety features.
An entrepreneurship and management training seminar programme destined for research staff at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) was launched on January 15 at the Centre's Ispra site in Italy.
The invitation for journalists to go to Ispra would appear to tie in with the Commission's wider strategy of including the public in the GMO debate.