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"The whole idea that the law promotes equality is not really convincing,'' said professor Mordechai Kremnitzer, vice president of research at the Israel Democracy Institute, an independent research organization here, and former dean of the law faculty at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
A poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University found that 46% of Jewish Israelis believe US military intervention would provoke revenge attacks against Israel by the Assad regime.
He is on tricky political ground: a survey by the independent Israel Democracy Institute showed that while 51 percent of the Jewish Israeli considered Obama neutral toward Israel, 53.5 percent did not trust him with Israel's vital interests.
Jerusalem: The Israel Democracy Institute and The AVI CHAI Foundation, 2002.
Voter turnout has declined over the years to about 65 percent in the 2009 elections, compared with figures closer to 80 percent through the 1990s, according to the Israel Democracy Institute, an independent research organization in Jerusalem.
26 (Petra) -- Radical-religious "Haredim" have risen significantly in the Israeli community during the past decade, a comprehensive study conducted by the so-called "Israel Democracy Institute" revealed.
Online media said that the petition, entitled "Not in our name: AUB faculty, staff, and students object to honoring James Wolfensohn," said that honoring Wolfensohn "symbolically undermines AUB's legacy in the struggle for social justice and its historical connection to Beirut, to Palestine and beyond." AL AKHBAR said that Wolfensohn is a permanent member in the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) and a prime investor in Better Place, a company founded by Israeli Shai Agassi which builds infrastructure for electric cars in a number of countries among them Israel.
The Israel Democracy Institute has come out with its annual Israeli Democracy Index Report on August 3, 2009.
(19.) On the relationship between Halacha, the State of Israel, and Israeli law, see Yedidia Stern, On the Role of Jewish Law in Matters of Religion and State (Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute, Position Paper 48, 2004); Yedidia Stern, State, Law, and Halacha: Part One-Civil Leadership as Halachic Authority (Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute, Position Paper 2E, 2001); Yedidia Stern, State, Law, and Halacha: Part Two--Facing Painful Choices (Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute, Position Paper 4E, 2003); Yedidia Stern, State, Law, and Halacha: Part Three--The Role of Halacha (Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute, Position Paper 6E, 2005).
- The following are excerpts from an article by Uri Dromi, head of international outreach at the Israel Democracy Institute, published by the International Herald Tribune (IHT) on March 24: "...I wouldn't take any lectures from hypocritical Europeans on how to deal with terror.
and Desmond Butler reported in the New York Times, "Across Europe and the Middle East, young militant Muslim men are answering a call issued by Osama bin Laden and other extremists, and leaving home to join the fight against the American-led occupation in Iraq." The net result, according to Uri Dromi, director of International Outreach at the Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem, is that Iraq appears to be turning into America's "Lebanon." In that conflict, in which Israel attempted to address a political problem with blunt force, it succeeded only in bleeding itself dry, creating more hatred and hence more terrorism, and ultimately decreasing the security of its citizens before leaving in ignominy and humiliation.
Satell and PBP also donate funds and are actively involved with the Israel Democracy Institute, the United Jewish Appeal, and the Israel Emergency Fund.
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