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These mock raids by the Israeli Air Force mark the third time in the last 72 hours that they have conducted these flights over the Syrian-Lebanese border.
At the event, Ramon, whose mother and grandmother survived imprisonment in Auschwitz during World War 2, talked about serving in the Israeli air force for two decades and his recent selection and training as a space shuttle payload specialist.
The Israeli Air Force's F16 is a forth generation fighter jet equipped with modern electronic system.
While Israel managed to hit one of its main targets, a Russian publication reported that the Israeli Air Force was forced out of Syrian airspace as it was preparing for a second wave of strikes.
In a relevant development in late July, the Arabic-language media reports said that the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian Army's military positions in Dara'a and Quneitra provinces in Southern Syria in a move to help the terrorist groups stationed in the Northern parts of the country.
It is noteworthy that the air raid of the Israeli Air Force was carried out using Nicosia's FIR.
The Israeli Air Forces launched an attack on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday night after a balloon tied to an explosive device caused damage to a house in southern Israel earlier in the day.
Moscow, SANA-Russian President Vladimir Putin held Israel responsible for downing IL-20 plane over Mediterranean, pointing out that the Israeli air force behavior was the reason behind the catastrophe.
Summary: The Russian Defense Ministry Sunday blamed "misleading" information from the Israeli air force for the downing of one of its planes in Syria last week, and denounced the "adventurism" of Israeli pilots.
Baghdad, Iraq (NINA) -The Israeli Air Force intelligence chief, Major General Uri Oron confirmed that his country is following the military positioning of Iran in Iraq, including the installation of surface-to-surface missiles capable of hitting Israeli targets.
Even the Israeli air force is not this indiscriminate in bombing and killing our Palestinian brothers.
Summary: Damascus [Syria] July 12(ANI): The Israeli Air Force (IAF) on Wednesday night carried out air strikes in Syria's Quneitra region near the border, in retaliation to Syrian drone infiltration.
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