ISUAInternational Skating Union of America (US and Canada)
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The Isua stromatolite fossils were exposed by the recent melting of a perennial snow patch.
Titanian chondrodite-and titanian clinohumite-bearing metadunite from the 3800 Ma Isua supracrustal belt, West Greenland: chemistry, petrology, and origin.
The quality of the Isua iron ore is described as high grade, similar to India's iron-ore in Odisha state.
Interview on Non-Religious Values of Traditional Festivals in Isua.
Analysis of green 'serpentinite' rocks, which are the key to life, from Isua showed that mud volcanoes underwater would have offered an environment that was warm, non-acidic and full of carbonates - the perfect mix to allow the birth of life
8 billion years, the rocks of Isua are some of the oldest in the world.
After studying rocks from the island of Isua near Greenland, scientists are positing that many of the precious metals we mine -- including gold and platinum -- were deposited on the Earth billions of years ago following a global meteor shower of epic proportions.
Era uma veis uma menina que nao gostava di estuda um dia ela foi uma Escola para bosca asua irma Ela gostou da Escola ipediu asua mai para estuda isua mai botou ela na Escola Ela ficou uma menina muito estudati.
The completed Isua pre-feasibility study indicates potential for five mtpa, scalable up to 10 mtpa at lower costs.
One of the oldest such places is in Greenland, in an area called the Isua supracrustal belt.