ISWAInternational Solid Waste Association
ISWAInternational Science Writers Association (est. 1967)
ISWAIndiana State Wrestling Association
ISWAIslamic Society of the Washington Area (Silver Spring, MD)
ISWAInternational Submission Wrestling Association
ISWAIn Solidarity with Animals (Texas)
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Earlier this year ITU, UNU and ISWA joined forces and
To kick-start increased fundraising efforts, SWANA is launching an ISWA Scholarship Programme GoFundMe page as an easy way to donate, learn about the cause, and share the information with others.
As soon as I got there, I could see blood was coming out of his face, near the eye," said PC Iswa.
Sheikh Mohammed Suleiman al Harthy, executive vice president, Strategic Development at Beah and Herman Koehler, managing director of ISWA signed the MoU.
The efforts of organizations like ISWA support my contention that people can make a difference.
The ISWA fraternity also berated the former government for its daylight, historical discrimination in salary packages, by awarding salary raises, only to its favourites, including 20 pc raise in the guise of special allowance for secretariat employees, only.
The iSWA is a robust, integrated system provides information about space weather conditions past, present, and future and, unlike many other programs currently in use, has an interface that the user can customize to suit a unique set of data requirements.
Jean-Paul Leglise of ISWA called for the introduction of a harmonised permit system, a kind of "moral guarantee".
Du kawi a't[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]r [activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado] una[activar tachado]j[desactivar tachado]u n[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]ngwari, du kaw-i a't[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]r [activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado] u-n-a[activar tachado]j[desactivar tachado]u n[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]ngwa-ri bueno parecer-MiENTRAS piel AUX-DIST-PRONTO Y-TOP du kawi mantek[activar tachado]u[desactivar tachado]se' iswa awi.
112) go phethagatsa tekatekano ka mo go SAMWU gomme go tloga moo, ya iswa go setshaba ka bophara.
Ka morago ga moo ba a gapsa, ba bofilwe matsogo ka morago, mahlong ba pipilwe ka lesela le leso, ba iswa ntlwaneng yeo e nago le dithapo ka fase.
We came across an interesting article on the subject of landfill gases that appeared in the December 1996, issue of Waste Management & Research, the Journal of the International Solid Waste Association, ISWA.