ISWIInternational Space Weather Initiative
ISWIInternational Student Week in Ilmenau (Germany)
ISWIInteractive Systems Worldwide, Inc. (est. 1995; New Jersey)
ISWII Stand with Israel
ISWIIkatan Sarjana Wanita Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Women Scholars Association)
ISWIInternational Sports Wagering, Inc. (Nevada)
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Hota et al., "ISWI remodelers slide nucleosomes with coordinated multi-base-pair entry steps and single-base-pair exit steps," Cell, vol.
Therefore, the present study aimed to determine whether ISWI is an effective method of ameliorating aLBP, especially for those who do not want, are unsuitable for, or do not have access to other pain therapies.
This study was a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded, clinical trial that evaluated the efficacy and safety of ISWI for the treatment of aLBP.
Upper Necaxa Totonac (25) ca:tin puska:t [ti: li:skamani:n iswi:l naiscik] ca:--tin puska:t [ti: li:--skamani:n is--wi:l [O.sub.SUB] nak=is--cik] CLF-one woman HREL INST-pauper PAST-sit __ LOC=3POSS- house 'a woman who lived in poverty in her house' ca:tin puska:t [ti: li:skamani:ntunka naiscik iswi:i] *ca:tin puska:t [ti: iswi:l li:;skamani.ntunka naiscik] As shown in (25), the manner adverb obligatorily precedes the verb, while the locative is permitted in either pre-verbal or post-verbal position.
GIG utilizes the SportXction(R) System, developed by ISWI, to manage primarily short-term, play-by-play oriented, betting opportunities ("propositions" or "markets") during a live sporting event.
GIG was acquired by ISWI from international owners, principally The Kirch Group, a German multimedia conglomerate, in late July 2002.
The SportXction wagering system from ISWI is a PC-based computer system that allows people to place bets during the course of a sporting event like football.
This is the second launch of the ISWI system by ukbetting, following the success of the product on its website.
Barry Mindes, chairman and CEO of ISWI, stated, "We are delighted with the completed mobile product and especially its ease of use.
'totalbet live' incorporates ISWI's patented, real-time SportXction software system into ukbetting's online sports wagering service.