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INMFIt's Not My Fault
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INMFInternet Network Management Framework
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It's not my fault," she said to herself; but an inner voice told her something else.
I've done what I undertook, and it's not my fault that it failed.
They will come; it's the dirty work I think, sir--at least I don't know what it is, sir, but it's not my fault.
Well - it's not my fault,' said he, gazing carelessly up at the ceiling and plunging his hands into his pockets: 'if my ongoings don't suit her, she should tell me so.
It's not my fault the country is not safe enough for seven, eight or nine-year-olds to go down to the park - as I did - on their own and play football until after dark.
It's not my fault the man has a chipolata on his shoulder.
Every rat, every chancer, every liar who cheats on his wife/girlfriend is now going to wail: "Honestly luv, it's not my fault.
OK, I don't know how to do long division but it's not my fault, I was off school the day we did it and I just never caught up).
It's not my fault - we talk to these kids until we're blue in the face and they just don't listen.
I didn't know this was gonna happen, and it's not my fault,'' he said during a recent visit to Los Angeles.
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