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INRSin Routing Server
INRSInstitut National de la Recherché Scientifique
INRSInstitut National de la Recherche et de la Sécurité (French National Research and Safety Institute)
INRSIt's Not Rocket Science (slang and also a web site)
INRSInnovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC (est. 1994; Antrim, NH)
INRSInclusive Namespace Registry System
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It's not rocket science to figure this out: When you run to serve in the NH Legislature, it's not just to get one of those super-cool special license plates.
30pm) BEN MILLER, the former Death in Paradise star, recently returned to his scientific roots to present ITV series It's Not Rocket Science, but he is now back on the BBC with new sitcom I Want My Wife Back about a man desperately trying to stay out of the divorce court.
It's Not Rocket Science ITV, 8pm ENTERTAINMENT Ben Miller (left) risks his life for science as he has a flaming crossbow bolt fired at his head - gulp
Since abandoning his PhD in Physics at Cambridge for a career in comedy Ben has turned to writing, and is the author of popular science books It's Not Rocket Science and The Aliens Are Coming.
I wonder what Raymond Baxter would have made of the new kid on the block - It's Not Rocket Science (ITV, Tuesday), which, in this week's first show, featured Rachel Riley speeding through a ball of fire on a zipwire and Joey Essex trying to drive a car.
IT'S not rocket science but is seemingly beyond Cardiff council.
It's not rocket science and it's nothing to do with the weather.
It's not rocket science and that quality needs to improve.
Notice her body language; if she's been avoiding you for too long, it's not rocket science that she's not interested.
It's not rocket science, it will save a lot of headaches and stress for everyone suffering every morning.
It's not rocket science but who wants to visit a place where public conveniences are closed?
It's not rocket science, but it's a worthwhile read, especially for leaders in companies with elaborate rules for customer service that could stand a thorough review, or two.
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