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SOKSaviors of Kamigawa (gaming, Magic the Gathering Set)
SOKStart of Chunk
SOKSøværnets Operative Kommando (Danish Naval Command)
SOKScroll of Knowledge
SOKSouth of Kennedy (Tampa, FL)
SOKSword of Kahless (gaming)
SOKStock Option King
SOKSeeress of Kell (gaming)
SOKSleeping On Keyboard
SOKSterling Order of Knights (gaming clan)
SOKStra Ochrony Kolei (Polish Railway System)
SOKSystem of Knowledge
SOKSupport Our Kids (various organizations)
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Very out of character for me, but the brutality was all about the fact that people think it's OK to insult skinny people like me with comments such as "You're SO thin; do you actually eat anything?" Plus it's almost impossible for us to find anything smaller than a size 10 in most stores.
AW must also think it's OK for EU tax harmonisation and setting of VAT rates, and OK to join the Euro zone by 2022.
The slogan, which is associated with white supremacist groups, gained visibility in October last year when senator Pauline Hanson had put forward a motion declaring 'it's OK to be white'.
"She recently got a tattoo that says 'It's ok not not to be ok'."
"my niece & nephew who were hospitalised because they were called fat at school & refused 2 eat, I was called fat it's ok I'm just sad about it as I respect all women I've a MAM 2 sisters 2 nieces a daughter so why assault x just so pleased that everyone I know they no it not true."
Wayne Brigham So women get shamed for breastfeeding but it's OK to do a naked bike ride?
I work hard too but I've learned it's ok to slow down.
It's OK to ask a broker to write a product that might pay a little less commission for something that's a better fit.
If it's OK to demonize like muggers everyone who does something illegal, then it's OK to demonize Rosa Parks, who broke a law stating she had to give up her seat.
So it's OK for bully-boy gangs to descend on the homes of managers in order to scare the living daylights out of their kids?
That it's OK for teenage checkpoint guards to decide whether it's safe to expose a fetus to X-rays?
Wigglebottom Learns It's OK to Back Away" is an excellent resource fable that teaches children to listen to their bodies, especially their tummies, and to seek constructive ways of dealing with feelings of anger.
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