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ITTInitial Teacher Training (UK)
ITTInvitation To Tender
ITTI Think That
ITTIn the Trenches
ITTInformation Technology Technician (various organizations)
ITTInstitute of Technology Tralee (Ireland)
ITTIndividual Time Trial (professional cycling)
ITTIn This Together (various organizations)
ITTIt's Time To
ITTInternational Travel and Tourism
ITTIn This Thread (forums)
ITTInstruction to Tenderers (contract)
ITTInterTrust Technologies (Sunnyvale, CA)
ITTInternational Thief Thief (Fela Kuti song)
ITTInterruption Temporaire de Travail (French: Temporary Interruption of Work)
ITTIn This Topic
ITTIt Takes Time
ITTIdeal Transmission Time
ITTIncapacité Totale de Travail (French: Total Incapacity to Work)
ITTInsulin Tolerance Test
ITTInnovation & Technology Transfer
ITTInstitute of Textile Technology
ITTInformation, Tickets and Tours
ITTInstitute of Travel and Tourism
ITTIntegrated Test Team
ITTInstructor Trainer
ITTInformation Technology Team
ITTInternational Technology Transfer
ITTInitiator Task Tag
ITTInnovative Treatment Technology (US EPA)
ITTInterval Transit Time
ITTInformation Technology Tools
ITTInter-Turbine Temperature
ITTIntroduction To Technology (school subject)
ITTInformation and Telecommunication Technologies (National Research Council, Canada)
ITTImmune Tolerance Therapy
ITTInvitation to Transmit
ITTInterstage Turbine Temperature
ITTInternational Test Technologies (Ireland)
ITTIntegrated Training Team
ITTInformation, Tour, and Travel
ITTIsosceles Triangle Theorem
ITTIt's Tool Time
ITTInternational Telephone & Telegraph Company
ITTInter Theater Transfer
ITTIntegrated Technology Thrust
ITTIntegration Test Team
ITTInter-Tank Transfer
ITTIndependent Technical Training
ITTIndependent Testing Team
ITTInterrogation and Translation Team
ITTIn-plant Throughput Test
ITTInterrogation/Interrogator Translator Team (USMC)
ITTIsotopic Tracer Technology
ITTIntertype Training
ITTIntroduction to Tactics and Techniques (US Army basic training)
References in classic literature ?
There will be many toasts, it's time to begin," he whispered, and taking up his glass, he rose.
It's time to see how the male-dominated legislature reacts to a woman in charge.
So it's time to take seriously what we already know.
It Takes A CEO: It's Time To Lead With Integrity Leo Hindery, Jr.
Now, it's time to market your creation--use Janelle Elms, Phil Dunn and Amy Balsbaugh's THE 7 ESSENTIAL STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL EBAY MARKETING (0072260912, $16.
If you're really serious about the digital thing, then it's time to invest in the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT ($899 for body kit, $999 for kit with lens), the best entry-level single-lens reflex camera out there.
If you hooked up devices, it's time to hook up the one user.
When it's time to pull PMCS on the hull ammo compartment, check the desiccant bags.
Now it's time to stop and rest And give a great big shout--Hey
It's time to apply those same principles and processes to the critical facility activities that underlie reimbursement, resident care, and quality monitoring by surveyors and consumers-the activities that surround the MDS process.
It's time to restart and to recover and for each of us to claim our own luxury--our own slice of Life.