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References in classic literature ?
It's your turn to sing the ba'cawolla- I entweat you!"
"Then, general, it's your turn," continued Nastasia Philipovna, "and if you refuse, the whole game will fall through, which will disappoint me very much, for I was looking forward to relating a certain 'page of my own life.' I am only waiting for you and Afanasy Ivanovitch to have your turns, for I require the support of your example," she added, smiling.
"It's your turn, Rebecca, and I'm glad, too," said Emma Jane, drawing up to a gateway and indicating a house that was set a considerable distance from the road.
'Well,' said Squeers, turning to his daughter, 'it's your turn to be married next.
Now, Gertrude, it's your turn. Please look at mine, and see whether the spelling is right."
"It's your turn, William," says he, putting his hand fondly upon Dobbin's shoulder; and Dobbin went up and touched Amelia on the cheek.
The answers indicate how likely your surgeon will be to take risks when it's your turn.
COMMUNITIES and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles called on town hall 'fat cats' to take a pay cut today, telling them: "It's your turn now".
Now it's your turn to tell us about your tyrannical boss or scary workmates.
IF YOU have been adversely effected by the closure of your local post office, library, GP's practice, etc, then just remember your local Member of Parliament or local councilor who voted in favour of such closures, and when it's your turn to vote, make sure he or she never gets their nose in the trough again.
A 12 mile I've Taken the Challenge ( Now it's Your Turn (Cowshill to Stanhope) walk will be led by Steve Shippen at 9.45am on Saturday from Stanhope Market Place.
There were some improvements in 2005 but we want you to do much better when it's your turn.