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ITEIn the Event (various organizations)
ITEInstitute of Transportation Engineers
ITEInstitute of Technical Education
ITEIsolation Thermique par l'Extérieur (French: External Thermal Insulation)
ITEInitial Teacher Education (UK)
ITEIn the Ear
ITEIntegration Test Engineer
ITEInformation Technology Equipment
ITEInstrumentation Test Equipment
ITEIf-Then-Else (computer programming)
ITEIntegrated Telecom Express
ITEIntegrated Technology Express
ITEIt's the End
ITEIntegrated Training Environment (US Army)
ITEInternational Tourism Exhibition (various locations)
ITEInstitute of Terrestrial Ecology
ITEIn This Economy
ITEInstitute of Traffic Engineers
ITEIntensieve Therapie Eenheid (Dutch: Intensive Therapy Unit)
ITEIndependent Test & Evaluation
ITEIndustrial Technical Education (various organizations)
ITEIndependent Trading Exchange
ITEIntegrated Test Environment
ITEIntegrated Terminal Equipment
ITEIntersite Transportation Equipment (US NASA)
ITEInformation Technologies Engineering (UCONN)
ITEInverse Time Element (circuits)
ITEInternational Theological Education (Christianity)
ITEInstitute of Technical Editors
ITEIntegrated Transport Environment (European Union)
ITEInstitute of Telecommunications Engineers
ITEIntegrated Traffic Engineering
ITEIntegrated Terminal Emulator
ITEInstrument Test Engineer
ITEIntegral Throat and Entrances (of rocket nozzles)
ITEIntegrated Training Event
ITEInternal Time Entry
ITEIndustrial Technology Equipment
ITEInstituto Técnico Empresarial (Guatemala school)
ITEIntelligent Tutoring Environment
ITEInformation Technology toward Empowerment
References in classic literature ?
It's the fifth day since I left home, and they are looking for me there and it's the end of my employment, and my uniform is lying in a tavern on the Egyptian bridge.
'Say thee say out, Fanny, and mak' sure it's the end, and dinnot ask nobody whether it is or not.'
Some say it's the end of the world, and be hanged if I don't think it looks like it!
"The fans think it's the end of the world, you feel down, feel bad, but if you win it's the opposite, it's amazing.
"IT'S the end of the world as we know it - and I feel fine", sang REM on their 1987 hit song.
It hides imperfections in buildings made by man The angular sections on a drawn up surveyor's plan And the never-ending scene of concrete blocks Where trees once stood like ships in docks It is now a shrouded whiteness covered by virgin snow Which is whirling and swirling in the winds that blow Children throwing snowballs in the playground in school "Boys versus Girls" in a time honoured duel The world looks peaceful in its winter overcoat So white and clean and quietly remote But soon it will change like a fading dream Snow turning to slush to become a trickling stream Its visit is brief in the vastness of time But I welcome its coming 'cos it's the end of my rhyme!
* It's the end of 2009, and we've had 23 ProducerCast podcasts at the Agent's Sales Journal.
"Unless something comes up then it's the end of everything for us," said Lucy.
It's the end result of something that has been constructive and built step by step.
Mr Blair said: "Every time we make changes, people will say it's the end of the NHS or, when you get the new city academies and it's the end of state schools, and then you put the changes in and people treat it as the norm.
It's the end of the world as we know it, and five teenagers are feeling anything but fine.
In America, particularly; it's assumed that it is the right system, that it's the end of all, is it not?