ITAGInformation Technology Advisory Group (Alexandria, VA)
ITAGInternational Trepanation Advocacy Group
ITAGIowa Talented and Gifted Association
ITAGInternational Technical Advisory Group (various organizations)
ITAGInformation Technology Architecture and Governance (Australia)
ITAGInternal Thoracic Artery Graft
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It was so interesting because they talked about it at the ItAG and I literally listened to them speak and I was like "wow, I am that individual.
Sensitive sensors on the ITAG can record animals' swimming patterns and breathing rates, along with environmental conditions such as light and seawater temperature.
This award was conferred to KE on the basis of evaluation performed by SAFA ITAG committee and is a testament towards an improvement in standards of Transparency, Accountability and Governance at KE.
WHO, under the direction of iTAG and with guidance from technical partners, performed the following assessments to review surveillance network performance during 2008-2012: 1) questionnaires to obtain country-level expert and MoH staff opinions about the value of the surveillance data for supporting national decisions on vaccine introduction, 2) reviews of the laboratory network and data management systems by external consultants, 3) review of published literature and GAVI Alliance vaccine introduction applications to evaluate use of rotavirus surveillance data, and 4) internal review of WHO activities and funding disbursement.
ITAG focused primarily on some of the smaller ANA installations that did not have robust or adequate garrison facilities management teams in place.
Furthermore, Ibrahim suggested that if other criteria needed to be judged, then the ITAG league table offered a wealth of data on progressive leadership and responsible governance.
Data logging specialists Signatrol has launched ITAG, an accurate and unique, single use disposable data logger with in-built USB connector that is ideal for the cost-effective temperature monitoring of food or pharmaceuticals in transit.
The system uses CEM's iTAG protein-tagging technology to identify and measure only protein, not nitrogen, so the user can be certain their results are not affected by fillers or contaminants.
The agency has also created the iPhone app, Anti iTag, which allows users to create artwork, add anti-conventional tags on their iPhone and upload it to the website, Facebook and Twitter.
Iowa Talented and Gifted Association (ITAG) 2010 Conference at the Airport Holiday Inn in Des Moines, IA.
An action figure from Mattel's Avatar iTag AR line, for instance, costs about $10 more than the basic action figure.