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ItalItalian (language)
ItalItalics (typography)
ItalInstituto de Tecnologia de Alimentos (Portuguese: Food Technology Institute; Brazil)
ItalInformation Technology And Libraries
ItalInstitute of Technology and Advanced Learning (various locations)
ItalInstitute for Technology and Learning (University of Texas at Austin)
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Offering dishes from plantain to sweet potato fries, Ital Fresh is sure to challenge your conceptions that Caribbean food is all jerk-chicken and curried goat.
Generally, ital ingredients are directly from the Earth, and local markets are a popular place to find fresh vegetables.
The firm, comprises principally Ital Brokers and Interconsult Wise, will be merged with Willis's current 50 per cent owned associate in Italy, UTA Willis Corroon.
Second on the list of shame was the Morris Ital which, surprisingly, had its style roots in the original VW Golf.
Ten worst cars: 1 Austin Allegro, 2 Morris Ital, 3 Talbot Sunbeam, 4 Austin Princess, 5 Hillman Imp, 6 Rover 200, 7 Triumph Acclaim, 8 Rover 800, 9 Morris 1800, 10 Triumph TR7.
The main concept behind Ital cooking is that food should come straight from the garden to the table--no processing and no preservatives.
Evaluations of the ITAL by amputees in Jamaica, Colombia and Colorado have proven the units survive strenuous activities like those associated with farming, ranching and other occupations requiring physical strength and dexterity.
Due to her privacy I can't confirm her pregnancy, but the Ital ian newspapers are correct in their reports.
ITAL coach Pierre Berbizier thinks this season's Six Nations will come too soon to make any tactical changes.
GOLF GTI Mk1 WORLD'S GREATEST CARS; 1VW Golf GTi Mk1 2BMC Mini 3 Datsun 240Z 4 Mazda MX-5 5 Land Rover Defender; ALLEGRO WORLD'S WORST CARS; 1 Austin Allegro 2 Morris Ital 3 Jaguar XJ6 Series 2 4FSO Polonez 5Ford Edsel
The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) said the unit at the Rotunda Hosp- ital is in danger of coll- apse due to staff shortages.
The star is believed to have given birth in the Good Samaritan Hosp- ital in Los Angeles, where daughter Lourdes was born.