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ItalItalian (language)
ItalItalics (typography)
ItalInstituto de Tecnologia de Alimentos (Portuguese: Food Technology Institute; Brazil)
ItalInformation Technology And Libraries
ItalInstitute of Technology and Advanced Learning (various locations)
ItalInstitute for Technology and Learning (University of Texas at Austin)
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Therefore it is necessary to be prepared with such arms, so that you can be defended against foreigners by Italian valour.
No privateers ever came, though I once had notice from Turin that the Florida had been sighted off Ancona; and I had nearly four years of nearly uninterrupted leisure at Venice, which I meant to employ in reading all Italian literature, and writing a history of the republic.
When our Italian hosts had offered me wine in a general sort of way, I had declined.
The Renaissance, penetrating northward, past first from Italy to France, but as early as the middle of the fifteenth century English students were frequenting the Italian universities.
"Here she is," she added, looking out of the window at the handsome Italian nurse, who was carrying the child out into the garden, and immediately glancing unnoticed at Vronsky.
Still the young Italian's eye turned sidelong upward; and it really seemed as if the touch of genuine, though slight and almost playful, emotion communicated a juicier sweetness to the dry, mechanical process of his minstrelsy.
"Oh, no, never mind that," said the Italian; "it is not worth the trouble."
In this same library we saw some drawings by Michael Angelo (these Italians call him Mickel Angelo,) and Leonardo da Vinci.
I had first become acquainted with my Italian friend by meeting him at certain great houses where he taught his own language and I taught drawing.
The Italian officers' uniforms are very much the most beautiful I have ever seen; and, as a general thing, the men in them were as handsome as the clothes.
It was an Italian head: fuzzy, swarthy and very vivacious, that rose abruptly out of the standing collar like cardboard and the comic pink tie.
only, an Italian, named Cropoli, escaped from the kitchens of the Marquis d'Ancre, came and took possession of this house.