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An order for a second batch of M-345 aircraft is expected by the Italian Air Force in the next few months with the first deliveries planned for the end of 2019.
The team provided 37,000 gallons of fuel to Italian Air Force fuel trucks for their refueling efforts, and coordinated customs support for armed Secret Service agents and the press plane at the Catania Airport, to include weapons clearance and a liaising service for Italian customs support to Sigonella.
A smartly turned out contingent of Italian Air Force presented him the Guard of Honour.
The two-phase deployment across the North Atlantic to the United States required a total of 13 flight hours and was enabled by an Italian Air Force KC-767 aerial refueling tanker, which refueled AL-1 seven times during the ocean crossing.
Al-Aazmi, accompanied by a delegation of ranking officers, was received by the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, Lieutenant General (LG) Pasquale Preziosa, at the Italian Air Force base in Turin.
In this image taken from a video released by the Italian Air Force, a woman holds her baby as they sit in a wire basket being hosted aboard an Italian Air Force helicopter after being rescued from the Norman Atlantic.
Currently, the Italian Air Force is also contemplating an upgrade for the MQ-9 fleet which could include the addition of a maritime surveillance radar and new optronics.
Priebke's body was seized by Italian authorities and taken to an Italian air force base.
An Italian air force helicopter transported the statue from Fatima to Vatican City for a ceremony commemorating the day of Mary's last apparition at Fatima on Oct.
The athlete runs for the Italian Air Force Team, the report said.
This is reportedly the first production contract to include two of the company's key international partners and customers, the Italian Air Force and the Royal Australian Air Force.
In addition the IAF will host the Italian Air Force next month for a training session at the Uvda Airport in the Negev.