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The Italian Air Force Chief of Staff was received upon arrival at A'Seeb Air Base by Air Commodore Salim bin Khalfan al- Rahbi, Senior Staff Officer at the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO), Air Commodore Sultan bin Khalfan al- Yahyaie, Commander of A'Seeb Air Base, a number of RAFO officers, the military attachAaAaAeA@ at the Italian Embassy in Musca
• Colonel Gustavo Cicconardi, Chairman of NATO Air-to-Air Refueling Working Group, Italian Air Force
RYANAIR jdiverted flights from Trapani airport in northern Sicily to Palermo after the Italian air force began using the area to attack Libya.
The Italian Air Force received the first of twelve C-27J tactical airlifters in mid-January 2007 from Alenia Aeronautica.
The Italian air force will reportedly have anti-aircraft missiles at stand-by and a NATO surveillance aircraft will be deployed.
The dog is there to bite the pilot if he tries to touch anything." So says a Lockheed Martin test pilot, neatly summing up the philosophy behind the C-130J aircraft, which the Italian Air Force recently began accepting.
ROME, Nov 21 (KUNA) -- Major General Lafi Rashed Al-Aazmi, the head of armament and logistics of the Kuwaiti armed forces, has paid a visit to headquarters of the Italian Air Force in the European country.
Manufacturer and designer of aircraft engines Pratt & Whitney has received a USD6.8m contract from the US Air Force to extend its fleet management programme for F100-PW-220E engines which power the Italian Air Force's F-16 fighters.
A false hijack scare aboard a flight from Miami, USA to Milan, Italy saw the Italian air force scramble fighter jets to intercept the aircraft.
The same 767 transport system is in use with the US Air Force and will be fully operational with the Italian Air Force by 2005/2006.
While (as noted earlier) Italy's Predator program is a tri-service effort, it is thought likely that the system will be operated by the Italian Air Force from its airfield at Amendola.