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ITLItalian Lira (old currency code; replaced by EUR)
ITLInformation Technology Laboratory
ITLIn the Loop
ITLIn the Life
ITLInitiator Target and Lun
ITLInter Layer
ITLIndependent Test Lab
ITLInternational Trade Logistics
ITLInstitute of Technology Law (National Chiao Tung University; Taiwan)
ITLInexpedient to Legislate (New Hampshire legislature)
ITLInternational Trade Law
ITLIstituto Sui Trasporti e la Logistica (Italian)
ITLInformation Technology Literacy
ITLInstructor-Led Training
ITLInfosys Technologies Limited (India)
ITLInvestment Trust Law (Japan)
ITLInformatics Teaching Laboratory (UK)
ITLInhalation Toxicology Laboratory (various locations)
ITLImaginative Technologies Ltd. (UK)
ITLIndustrial Training Levy
ITLIrvine Technologies Ltd. (financial computing; UK)
ITLInstrument Transformers Ltd. (Scotland, UK)
ITLInto the Lifestyle
ITLIndependent Testing Labs, Inc (Boulder, Colorado)
ITLIntent To Launch
ITLIntegrated Transfer Launch (Cape Canaveral)
ITLIntegration Test and Launch
ITLIntegrated Test Lines
ITLInterdivisional Technical Liaison (IBM conference)
ITLInternational Telecommunications Limited
ITLInstall Time Licensing
ITLIstituto per la Tecnolgia del Legno (Wood Technology Institute)
ITLIntraSearch Template Language (proprietary markup language; whatUseek, Corp)
ITLIntegrated Testing Lab
ITLIndustries Test Lab (Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, PA)
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Aligning strategies and actions to Value Creations goals has brought immediate results: net invested capital was reduced by 7 percent in 1997 versus the previous year, and the Value Creation measure improved from a negative figure of 1,176 billion Italian lira in 1996 to a positive one of 230 billion lira in '97.
In July and August the French franc, Italian lira, and other major European currencies strengthened against the mark, benefiting from a combination of factors, including expectations of gradual monetary easing in Germany, continued investment shifts into higher-yielding markets, greater seasonal tourism flows into southern European countries, and modest optimism of fiscal tightening in most European countries.
In addition, Electrolux had to contend with strengthening of the krona and the Italian lira, which adversely affected its export-oriented operations in those countries.
We told him to explain to the supplier that we're a dollar company and don't understand Italian lira (after all, our representative in the transaction is a purchasing manager, not a treasury person), so we want the price in dollars.
As soon as Denmark voted against the Maastricht Treaty in June 1992, the exchange markets started to speculate against the Italian lira, the EMS' weakest currency.
For the year as a whole, the Italian lira and the British pound declined 20 percent and 18 percent respectively versus the U.S.
But maybe in American currency those big numbers mean nothing, like those Italian lira you've heard of.
The Italian lira began life with the newly united kingdom of Italy in 1861.
The national currency of the 12 countries which have joined the Euro and become worthless on January 1 are Austrian schillings, Belgian francs, Dutch guilders, Finnish marks, French francs, German deutschmarks, Greek drachma, Irish punt, Italian lira, Luxembourg francs, Portuguese escudos and Spanish pesetas.
Fr O'Kane, who performed the wedding ceremony for Frankie and his wife Catherine, phoned his famous friend who immediately pledged 3.5 million Italian lira as a prize.
The agreements between Italy and France and the three tiny countries allow the three tiny third countries to issue coins denominated in French Franc or Italian Lira and ensure that banknotes and coins issued by France and Italy have legal tender status in the respective third country.
In the ensuing weeks, an exchange crisis swept through the EMS and related currencies that entailed interventions of unprecedented size, large changes in interest rate differentials within Europe, a small cut in German official interest rates, two realignments, the suspension of the pound sterling and the Italian lira from the ERM.
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