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ITCLIndependent Tankers Corporation Limited (Bermuda)
ITCLInter-Tri County League (Ohio)
ITCLIntestinal T-Cell Lymphoma
ITCLImperial Tobacco Canada Limited (Canada)
ITCLInternational Textile Care Label
ITCLIndustrial Thermometer Calibration Laboratory (National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg, MD)
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Headquartered in Mumbai, ITCL offers trusteeship and fiduciary services to infrastructure and financial services sector, industry, government agencies, funds and high net worth individuals.
VortiQa ITCL software is designed for Freescale's flagship QorIQ multicore embedded processors.
Freescale's scalable VortiQa ITCL software allows customers to build network infrastructure that more efficiently and reliably streamlines information, while preserving the value of their network equipment investments.
The VortiQa ITCL software's data classification and distribution capabilities balance traffic loads evenly and intelligently.
The actual operating expenses are charged from the Mudaraba account by the ITCL, IICG and the IICS.
The profits among the participants' account and takafol company are shared in the ratio 70:30 in STMSB, 80:20 in ITCL, and 90:10 in IICS.
However, participants may withdraw only after participating for a minimum of two years in the case of ITCL and IICG.
Mr Diogenes E C Alvares, Head of Business Structuring Unit, Empresa de Planejamento e Logstica, Brazil, Mr Marc Partridge, Managing Director, GAZPROM Bank, Russia, Mr Suvek Nambiar, Managing Director and CEO, India Infradebt Limited, Ms Elena Stratyeva, Director, Russian Microfinance Center& Vice-president for Infrastructure Development, National Association of Microfinance Market Stakeholders, Russia, Ms Navita Yadav, Managing Director and CEO, Vistra ITCL (India) Ltd, Mr Richard Lowe, Managing Director, Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Estate Assets, India Mr William Dachs, Chief Operating Officer, Gautrain Management Agency, South Africa and Mr.
Sivaramakrishnan, chief executive officer of IL&FS Trust Company Limited, said, "Over the past three years, ITCL has built a leadership position in the emerging debt trusteeship market in India, specifically within the structured finance market, including securitization.
Both ITCL and The Bank of New York have a reputation for delivering innovative and customized service solutions, and I am confident that our two organizations will offer a unique and valuable corporate trust resource to Indian issuers.
FREDO has a multidisciplinary team that will be complemented by professional staff from the CTIC-CITA and ITCL technology centr