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"Fragrances like sandalwood, jasmine, rose, rajnigandha and gulab are selling quite well," said Mukul Gandhi, owner of an 'ittar' shop in Chandni Chowk's Dariba Kalan.
Continental Arabic perfumes such as oudh, natural oils and ittar sell 
the most."
"The roll on costs Dh12, the ittar in small bottles cost anything between Dh35 to Dh1,000.
The chirpiest of the lot, Gulkhan proudly spoke about how he had just one dream -- " To become the best qawwal in the world." He added with an air of sobriety, which sat amazingly well on his young shoulders: " This is my destiny and I can't think of becoming anything else." Gulfam said: " I want to become a qawwal because I want to travel around the world and attend many music functions." The oldest of the boys, Kamran, excitedly recounted how he had been to Paris some six months back and Gulkhan boastfully stated his claim to fame: " Sheila Dikshit held me in her arms when I was little." The mela was dotted with stalls that offered services and products that ranged from ittar , scrumptious food and embroidery pieces to calligraphy.
One of them, 22- year- old Mohammad Shahid, who moved from Saharanpur in UP to Delhi two years back, said, " I am proud to be keeping alive an art form which is fast disappearing." The ittar shop had fragrances extracted from the rose to the mystical oud, which is drawn from agarwood.
Street vendors who used to sell Islamic religious items like Misawak, Ittar, rosary beads, posters of Mecca and Humayun caps are stuck at home unable to wheel their carts to the streets.
Every seat at the venue in Pragati Maidan had take- aways of gajra, ittar and paan, taking one back to the days of the kothas .
Products such as Misawak, Ittar (attar), rose beads, Islamic posters and photos of Mecca are some of the items that people demand during the season, which has, however, not hit markets this year.
Summary: Already unable to stand to the stiff competition from modern perfumes, indigenous perfume industry locally known as 'Ittar' in Kannauj is now facing the wrath of the global meltdown.