ITTEInformation Technology in Teacher Education
ITTEAssociation for Information Technology in Teacher Education
ITTEInstitute for Information Technologies in Education
ITTEInstitute of Transportation and Traffic Engineering (UCLA)
ITTEInitial Teacher Training and Education
ITTEInterim Terminal Test Environment
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In (50') we have added the adverbial phrase itsumo no you ni 'as usual' to the (b) example, and its reading, too, now becomes odd and unnatural: (50') ([46b] portrayed as a usual, ordinary occurrence) ??kare wa kodomo o ITSUMO NO YOU NI inaka ni he-TM child-OM AS USUAL countryside-DAT tsurete itte shimatta.
The ITTE seeks innovative approaches that offer improved performance, reduced costs and environmental protection.
When it comes to having the hopes of your compatriots on your shoulders, weightlifter Itte Detenamo really raises the bar.
A LIVE music festiva in Coventry which featured neary 40 acts raised pounds 2,000 for the Teegraph's Snowba Appea - and another pounds 2,000 to hep a itte gir with a rare iness.
Paper presented at the Information Technology for Training and Education Conference (ITTE, 92), St.
(13) Watashi no inochi wa itsumademo atte kurenai mono ka mukashi mita Kisa no ogawa wo itte miru tame (332).
Sponsored by the National School Boards Association's (NSBA) ITTE: Education Programs and co-sponsored by more than 25 national education organizations, the three-day conference brings educators the latest ideas, solutions and innovations from school districts across the country.
Wh What at I ha have ve wr writ itte ten is int inten ende ded to continue a popular oral tradition, but I use 'ballad' to mean an extended poem.
RUNDOWN J Closed factory RECORD ZBREAKER At contest BIG FAMILY J Itte's excited relatives on the island, with dad Vinson circled BAR STAR Itte lifts massive weight
how are-doing `What are you doing?' B3: Benkyoo, toka itte [laughter] ima-sara.
SEIR*TEC has completed a comparison of the areas addressed by their Gauge to those addressed by the Milken Seven Dimensions, the CEO Forum STAR Chart, the NCRTEC Profiling tool, the NSSE indicators (, the NSBA's ITTE toolkit ( and several others.
Address : Itte stellen Sie Ihre Anfragen ausschlieE-lich schriftlich E-ber folgende E-Mail-Adresse: