ITTIAMI Think Therefore I Am
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Ittiam has enabled us to accelerate our product roadmap, while ensuring that we can deliver the best system features and performance by using field-proven technology blocks from their reputed IP portfolio.
Founded in 2001, Ittiam delivers video technology solutions, including advance codecs such as H.
Expway's eMBMS Device Middleware controls the eMBMS LTE modem and receives and decodes the eMBMS streams, which when combined with Ittiam Systems' HEVC video playing technology provides an efficient and integrated solution.
Ittiam Systems Europe is headed by Marc Guillaumet, who brings over one and a half decades of experience in the Semiconductor IP industry in Europe.
Harnessing the performance and flexibility of DaVinci technology, Ittiam has developed a complete, solid video phone solution that allows developers to deliver a compelling video telephony experience," said Pamela Jordan, Video IP phone product manager, TI.
Ittiam Systems can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.
Ittiam has developed custom application for off the shelf tablets delivering a similar experience in flight on a range of off the shelf tablets.
For Ittiam the sale is being made to focus on video communication technologies.
BANGALORE, India -- Ittiam Systems today announced that it is making significant investments to serve the Automotive Infotainment sector with its multimedia systems IP.
com)-- Ittiam Systems today announced the general availability of a high definition (HD) USB video camera solution for both embedded- and PC-based enterprise-class video communications applications.
BANGALORE, India -- Ittiam Systems, a leader in providing digital Media Software IP and Communication based Silicon IP solutions, today announced that its Wi-Fi Silicon IP has received strong traction in 'consumer market based SOCs' leading to high volumes.
Sriram Sethuraman - Chief Technology Officer, Ittiam Systems (Photo: Business Wire)