ITZIn the Zone
ITZInterfacial Transition Zone
ITZInternationale Transport Zeitschrift (German: International Transport Journal; Switzerland)
ITZInformation Technology Zone (Connecticut)
ITZIndonesian Trading Zone (online database)
ITZInter-Tidal Zone
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Itz Spritz is available in contemporary 12-ounce slim cans, and each is produced with five simple ingredients including a proprietary alcohol base derived exclusively from cane sugar.
With the addition of NS, the packing effects of NS can not only fill the capillary pores effectively but also reduce the gap at the joint of the aggregate interface, making the ITZ not obvious.
The unique properties of mesoporous silica nanoparticles, such as large surface area of the pores, high pore volume and good thermal and chemical stability encouraged us to design MCM41 and coat it with chitosan as a pH-sensetive, biocompatibile and nontoxic molecule with super-carrier properties for loading ITZ and controlled release applications against saprophytic fungi such as C.
In turn, the ITZ in those models is very thick, resulting in low computational accuracy.
Microstructure of ITZ between aggregates (gravel or sand particles, or fibres) and the bulk cementitious matrix is a critical point determining final strength of the concrete composite.
If I and T have a common fixed point, say z, then z = Iz = Tz, ITz = TIz = z and I and T are, therefore, owc mappings.
This paper does not pursue discussing the phenomenon of ITZ development in concrete, however.
The US-based payment company has tied up with DCB Bank which has appointed Itz cash as a business correspondent which will distribute cards across 40,000 shops in 2,500 centres.
Known for implementing consumer friendly technologies in power distribution, RInfra has implemented several leading IT based services like - 'E-Courtesy' - Automated follow-up mail service for information sought; Centralized web / email handling desk; Complaints registration and closure alerts; SMS bill payment using ITZ Cash Card; Introduction of Pull SMS services for Bill delivery complaint; new informative website; mobile bill view and payment etc.
Space between aggregate and matrix is called ITZ (Interfacial Transition Zone).
The GT equation falls short in describing the strongly s-shaped diagrams for solid dispersions of ITZ, NEV, and CVD in PLS-630.