ITZIn the Zone
ITZInterfacial Transition Zone
ITZInternationale Transport Zeitschrift (German: International Transport Journal; Switzerland)
ITZInformation Technology Zone (Connecticut)
ITZIndonesian Trading Zone (online database)
ITZInter-Tidal Zone
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According to Section 20(2), after an area is declared as ITZ, at least seven legislations including Forest Ordinance 2002, River Protection Ordinance 2002, Wildlife and Biodiversity Protection Act, 2015, Mines and Minerals Act, 2017, and KP Environmental Protection, 2014, will have no jurisdiction in the said area.
In this article, I argue that the idea of the Toltec, as well as conceptions of Kukulkan, Itzamna, and the concept of itz that developed in Chichen Itza and other Northern Yucatan cities, were likely hybrid concepts involving syntheses of Maya and central Mexican ideas, and that these concepts likely developed together in both areas as a Maya-central Mexican fusion.
It is reported that these materials help to improve the performance of RAC due to the pozzolanic reaction and the filling ability resulting in a dense microstructure and strong ITZ [1, 9,10].
This work focuses on the study of the morphology and composition (chemical and mineralogical) of the LWA, the replacement of cement by nanosilica in the formation of the microstructure and the thickness of the ITZ, and the influence of this on the resistance to attack by magnesium sulfate in lightweight concretes.
"Itz Spritz is the culmination of many dinnertime conversations with my dad, observations in the store and at the bar, and ultimately the feeling like I'm always having to compromise something when it comes to deciding what to drink," Sturdevant says.
The minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) were defined as the lowest drug concentration able to inhibit 50% (for FCZ, ITZ, and CAS) or 100% (for AMB and FK506) of fungal growth when compared to the growth of the control.
One of the methods for achieving complete dissolution of ITZ is large quantities of drugs that cause some disadvantage owing to the toxicity increased by high concentrations of ITZ.
The project will be launched under the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in association with prepaid payment service providers such as Airtel, Vodafone, Itz Cash and Oxigen Services.
: "Itz very shocking and unbelievable news about srihari garu ,he was my family ,i will really miss him in peace Srihari Anna :("
La Lancha, Guatemala Set in the rainforest high above the shores of Lago Petn Itz is La Lancha, a quaint, 10-room lodge decorated with artwork and furniture from Bali, as well as fabrics and carvings from Guatemala personally selected by the Coppola family.
To date, NHE has constructed more than 230 houses in Luder itz. "NHE's engagement and sponsorship of the Crayfish Festival is once more proof of its commitment to the development of Luderitz and the Karas region at large.