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IULIulius (Latin: July)
IULIllegal Use of Label
IULIndex Universal Life (insurance)
IULImagine Un Limited (Australia)
IULItalian University Line (university consortium; Italy)
IULInternational University Line (La Jolla, CA)
IULIndiana University Library
IULImage Understanding Laboratory (various locations)
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38) El culto a Divus Iulius fue acogido en ciudades de Italia y del Imperio que debian su estatuto municipal o colonial a Cesar (Weinstock, 1971: 401 y ss.
A recommendation from a friend led thre couple to Lovell's Fountain Court development in Tranmere, Wirral, which ticked all the ris ght boxes for Florentina and Iulius and baby Zara, who is now six months old.
The classis Ponticas history begins with Roman annexation of Iulius Polemo II's kingdom of Pontus in 64, the year after Domitius Corbulo's armistice with the Parthians at Rhandeia established the framework for Nero's crowning the Arsacid Tiridates the Armenian king in 66.
Iulius Secundus, originary from Galia, he made his name as an orator in Rome, a very cultivated person and a great orator.
That would be parallel to the sound changes that turned Latin Iulius into English Julius.
66), Con el libro de Iulius Orator, Casiodoro se refiere a la Cosmographia de Julio Honorio.
21) In A Chronicle of All the Noble Emperours of the Romaines from Iulius Caesar, Richard Rainolde mentions Heliogabalus beinge a priest: In honorem solis, made to the honour of the Sunne, for amongest the Phaenitians [(]as you haue hearde) the Sunne was compted a God'.
11) Their names are: Aelius Spartianus, Iulius Capitolinus, Vulcacius Gallicanus, Aelius Lampridius, Trebellius Pollio and Flavius Vopiscus from Syracuse.
Iulius Caesar" in An Epitomie of the Liues and Manners of the Romaine Emperors (London, 1606); Eutropius, A Briefe Chronicle, trans.
Located in Pompeii's main street, Via dell'Abbondanza, the home of Iulius Polybius, is one of the most studied in the ancient Roman town.
Nestor Vornicescu a stabilit cronologic patimirea pe pamantul stra-roman a sfintilor: Pasincrates si Valentinianus, martirizati la Durostorum, in secolul III; martirizarea ostasului Iulius Veteranul, in acelasi timp si in aceeasi cetate, unde au suferit moarte martirica sfintii Nicandru si Marcian (298), precum si sfantul Isihic.
May, A Continuation of Lucan's Historicall Poem till the Death of Iulius Caesar, Londres, 1630, A4.