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IUNIndiana University Northwest (Gary, IN, USA)
IUNIunius (Latin: June)
IUNIntelligent Utility Network (IBM)
IUNIlmenauer Uni Nachrichten (German: Ilmenau University News)
IUNImmediate Upstream Neighbor
IUNInternational University of Nescience (Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic)
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Amongst the allegations which Apuleius counters in the Apologia, one concerns the fact that birds' feathers were found in the house of a certain Iunius Crassus and attest Apuleius' magical rites.
Chu, "Iunius: a cross-layer peer-to-peer system with device-to-device communications," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol.
Likewise, John describes how Lucius Iunius Brutus, the first consul of Rome, slaughtered his own rebel sons lest they restore the ousted tyrant Tarquin.
(1993): Marcus Iunius Nypsus--Fluminis varado, Limitis repositio, Frankfurt am Main.
Thus Iunius Clio, a procurator Ponti, received consularia insignia for conducting the deposed Mithridates VIII back to Rome from the hinterland of Lake Maeotis in 49 and his subordinate, C.
Guvernatorul Iunius Soranus i-a trimis moastele Sfantului Sava Gotul, inecat in apa Buzaului, sub persecutia regelui got Athanaric, in 372.
The three men outside Cicero's family to whom he dedicated philosophical texts, Terentius Varro, Trebatius Testa, and Marcus Iunius Brutus, were all, on the contrary, men of established literary or scholarly reputations whose readership must have been a great aid in introducing books to intellectual circles.