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IVORInterrupt Vector Offset Register
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A big Colt's revolver he recognized as Hughie Drummond's; while Joan identified a thirty-two Ivor and Johnson as a loss reported by Matapuu the first week he landed at Berande.
"'Forward, sons of Ivor,' cried their chief, 'or the Camerons will draw the first blood!' They rushed on with a tremendous yell.
He said: "It's a real pleasure to work with Russell Grant who, like me, has a passion for Ivor Novello's work.
Ivor spent time with children and staff on the neurology, cardiac and surgical wards and in the hospital's restaurant.
Ivor Goodsite, the Considerate Constructors mascot also attended the site to have a look around and meet the team building this fantastic project.
The fire on Sir Ivor's South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said it was not known what had caused the blaze at the time of the call out.
February 5: Margaret & Alan Nicholson; Ivor Matheson & Ronnie McEwan.
At the end of the war he worked as an engineer cadet and lived in Northfield Place, which was eventually the base for the first post-war Amphibians Club in the UK in 1948, which was formed by Ivor and his friends.
His family today paid tribute to Ivor, who played for the Magpies between 1953 and 1955.
After pulling into a petrol station, pump attendants like Ivor would emerge from a tiny kiosk, ask how many gallons were required and fill up the tank.
Ivor is one of those, and along with his only member of staff - an employee of more than 15 years, Steve Davies - they are some of the last petrol station pump attendants in Wales.
But Ivor said thoughts of the Holocaust were never far away, and still h t hi t d H t f haunt him today.