IWASEInternational Workshop on Advanced Software Engineering
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1-hectare piece of land that comprises part of the land earmarked in 1996 for the Iwase Land Readjustment Project under the Hanyu City Planning Project (total area: 113.
Mahito Okura [a], Hiroyuki Nozaki [b], Kenta Iwase [c]
Inoue H, Motani-Saitoh H, Sakurada K, Ikegaya H, Yajima D, Hayakawa M, Sato Y, Otsuka K, Kobayashi K, Nagasawa S, Iwase H.
University heads were tipped off by other students and banned Iwase for three months after he confessed he'd used his bicycle while drunk, an offence in Japan.
Takayuki Iwase and colleagues at Jikei University in Tokyo, Japan, said that Staphylococcus epidermidis can wipe out colonies of methicillin-resistant S.
Produced by Tomohiko Iwase, Miho Ichii, Ryoichiro Matsuo.
The multiplihedra were given the structure of CW-complexes by Iwase and Mimura [10] and realized as polytopes later [8].
The mapping method between the graph generated by KeyGraph and the scenario drawn up by a user is proposed by Yasufumi Takama, Joshihiro Iwase and Yuta Seo to support group discussions.
During the prime-time event, Democratic hopeful Randy Iwase squared off with Republican incumbent Gov.
Masami Iwase, who is the coordinator for GMI and its parent company, says customer service is a major selling point.