IWASEInternational Workshop on Advanced Software Engineering
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Randy Iwase has played a key role at the Public Utilities Commission during a time of transition.
Iwase currently serves as president of Lifenet Insurance, a listed digital direct life insurance company in Japan.
[4] Iwase, N.; Kikuchi, K.; Miyauchi, T.: On Lusternik-Schnirelmann category of SO(10).
Correspondence should be addressed to Masayasu Iwase; iwase@dent.showa-u.ac.jp
Mahito Okura [a], Hiroyuki Nozaki [b], Kenta Iwase [c]
Correspondence should be addressed to Takeshi Iwase; tiwase@med.nagoya-u.ac.jp
The Jakarta Post has reported, citing Takahiro Iwase, Toyota's managing officer, that the development of the facility in Karawang in West Java represents the automaker's confidence in Indonesia's growing importance, and lays the foundation for a key production base in the country.
(3.) Iwase T, Suzuki E, Fujiwara T, Takao S, Doi H, Kawachi I.
After a night out in Fukuoka, Haruhide Iwase, 20, wrote: "That's the first time I've driven drunk in a while.
Iwase, K., Tatsuishi, T., Nishimura, Y., Yamaguchi, J.Y., Oyama, Y., Miyoshi, N., Wada.