IxDInteraction Design
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Table 1 Overview of participants in each workshop Workshop Employees Participants Focus on IxD 1 150 5 3 2 500 9 4 3 14 6 4 4 60 4 3
2014-057 for the for the IXD Seal Transient Apron project at New Century AirCenter, New Century, Kansas Bids received after the above designated time will be returned unopened.
Stratusphere IXD, is an automated image, host, and storage design solution for virtual desktop infrastructures, and Stratusphere Adapter, is a specialized desktop metrics feed into VMware vCenter Operations for single pane-of-glass monitoring across the entire desktop environment.
Stratusphere IXD: Interactive Designer for Image, Host and Storage - Liquidware Labs Stratusphere IXD enables virtualization architects to automate the design of corporate desktop gold master images, and size hosts and storage architectures for next generation virtual desktops.
Stratusphere IXD automates the process of designing key virtual desktop environment components with a very high level of accuracy.