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Aucun ghetto n'apparait, ce qui distingue souvent les villes europeennes, comme Ixelles, de certaines villes americaines.
La population nee a l'etranger est tres variable selon les villes : a Ixelles, elle atteint presque 40%, si on inclut aussi les ressortissants Strangers de l'Union europeenne (p.
I have been in contact with the Belgian authorities with regard to the registration requirements of the commune of Ixelles, in Brussels.
Wednesday 11: Mr Monti appears before the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee; Mr Barnier attends the meeting of the Praesidium of the Convention on the future of Europe; Mr Prodi takes part in memorial ceremonies for September 11, 2001 at the European School in Ixelles and the European Parliament; de Mr Patten takes part in memorial ceremonies organised by the Mayor of New York City (Battery Park); Mr Verheugen meets the Romanian Minister for European Integration, Hildegard Puwak; Mr Busquin meets the Norwegian Minister for Education and Research, Kristin Clemet; Miss de Palacio meets Francois Roussely, Chairman of EdF
Six were arrested in an early morning raid on a house in Ixelles, a rundown Brussels area inhabited by many North African immigrants.
She says, 'I now live in an area called Ixelles which is in total contrast to my life at home in Mid Wales, where everything has always been done for me and I have been living with my mum and dad, Pauline and Bill, and my brother, Alex, 16.
Finally, the Commission objects to the awarding of a housing construction contract in the Ixelles commune in Brussels.
They feel an ideal start could be made with the 40,000 m2 required by the European Commission's translation service, as opposed to the construction of new buildings at Delta-Beaulieu, very close to the residential neighbourhoods of Auderghem, Ixelles and Boitsfort.
Tenders Are Invited for Usquare project - mission of project author in multidisciplinary team on the renovation and conversion of buildings on the site of the old barracks in ixelles.
Contract notice: Waste management in the municipality of Ixelles for a period of 2 years.
Contract notice: Studies relating to asbestos removal, soil clearance and topographical survey of the "Crown" site of the Ixelles barracks - service contract